Learn from Some Expert Grooming Tips for Your Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Grooming mostly involves combing its long hair. It also means bathing it, cleaning its ears, eyes, clipping its nails, and so on – all the things that are required for a normal dog.

Expert Shih Tzu Grooming Is Not as Hard as it Seems

Since the Shih Tzu is a longhaired species, it will require a lot of care. However, they are also extremely lovable and hence, it will be be a pleasure to groom them. These dogs have a very proud demeanor and they really take pride in how they look – which makes it even more rewarding to keep them sparkling clean and well groomed.

The following are some Shih Tzu Grooming expert tips which will help make the grooming session a more pleasurable one as well as more efficient:

1. When you find the hair matted, the Shih Tzu Grooming experts advise that you detangle it carefully before you give the dog bath, because water will further aggravate it. In case it is badly matted, then it is better to cut it off rather than try to free it because it can be very painful for the dog – it can even tear the skin.

2. Use the right brushes for the particular coat – use the slicker (a soft brush with flexible pins), a metal comb with both wide and narrow teeth as well as a rattail comb alternatively as per the condition of the hair. Expert groomers suggest that the comb’s teeth should be about three to four inches long so the whole coat can be combed at length.

3. Combing a dry coat will cause the hair to slip and break. Whenever you want to comb your Shih Tzu, dampen the hair and then groom it. There is a certain style of combing – learn the procedure well before you comb your Shih Tzu – it starts the end of the hair and work up to the roots, not the other way round. Be very patient.

4. Pay great attention to the areas where hair is likely to be matted, i.e. the neck, the back of the legs and around the ears. Be careful when you comb in these areas because they are overly sensitive.

5. The Shih Tzu Grooming does not mean only combing, though it does form the majority of the work – it also involves bathing. Bathing the Shih Tzu is not too difficult, since this dog is patient and fully cooperates with you because it loves to look its best. When you bathe it, expert grooming tips dictate that you should be keep the head for the last and always be careful about the eyes and ears of the Shih Tzu.

The more you know this dog, the more you will love it. This is one the main reason why you may think that breeding your Shih Tzu is a good idea; but is it really?

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