The Training Collar Startles Your Dog

After you bought your dog, first thing to do was to try to make it understand and obey your commands, and also try to understand what it wants from you.. We are not all specialized pet trainers, so we try what we think it can work, like using a firm voice for commands, treat reinforcement for good behavior, specialized training classes. If you have tried various methods of training your dog to behave and he is still acting you aren’t saying a word to him, don’t despair. We can’t all be dog whisperers and every dog owner has to start somewhere. Today all of us, pet trainers or owners, have the possibility to use a training device that had proven to be of effective help in training even the most stubborn dogs in the whole world. Such a device is best known as a Training Collar.

The training collar is a specialized electronic type of collar, that can be attached similarily to any other collars around the neck of your dog. The collar includes a device you can trigger from the remote control that is typically designed to have two functions. For the warning function, you have a warning button on the remote control. By pressing this button, you will send a signal to your dog’s collar that will make the collar emit a warning beep telling the dog that it is performing in the wrong behavior. The second is the shock button, working similarily with the warning button, but triggering the collar to deliver a startling shock to the dog which ignores both your command and the warning beep. This method is called negative reinforcement, and uses different types of aversive stimuli.

Many people pretend to defend the rights of dogs saying these devices are inhumane to be used to train a dog, and in the same time they spray or smack the nose of their dogs when they do something wrong. The device is neither humane nor inhumane, but its use can be. The device can be used in an inhumane way, by setting the intensity of the electric shock to full and then pressing the button over and over again without warning. However, most pet owners that have used a training collar have found that they have only ever had to shock their pet two or three times before the warning beeps were enough to correct his or her behavior. Start out with two warning beeps before you press the shock button and your dog will learn very quickly to behave at the sound of the beep. Training the dog uses always the two methods, positive and negative reinforcement, so in adition to the warning beep you should reward somehow your dog every time he obays the command you give him.

After a short training period your dog will listen your commands, avoiding this way many troubling situations. He will be able to stop chasing other dogs if you command so. The Training Collaris a better alternative than giving your dog up to a shelter when he may end up being put down.

Dogs can be humane trained using these collars. The shocks don’t hurt your dog a bit; they simply startle your dog. You can always try the shock on yourself. There are thousands of content users. Join the group.

This type of training device is known as the Training Collar. Thousands of dog owners used collars with satisfactorily results. It is better to use a Training Collar to train a stubborn dog than to give it to a shelter.


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