A Remote Trainer: What It Can Do For Your Pet

If your dog is running rings around you and you are feeling like a fool standing in the middle of a park calling ‘Come here boy’ to no avail, you may need to consider a remote trainer. A remote trainer, also know as a remote dog training collar, is an ingenious device that will allow you to train your dog with the use of a small remote control device. This simple idea allows you to train your dog from a distance, without the need to put it on a leash.

Make sure that you take off the dog’s regular collar before making it wear the remote trainer collar, in order to avoid both malfunctions and accidents. The collar contains a small box with two small electrodes that must make contact with your dogs skin, through his coat. If your dog’s hair is unusually long, you might need to use your scissors to trim it a bit in order to make sure that there’s contact.

The remote trainer owner unit is a small remote control that enables you to send different levels of static shock into the collar to reinforce commands should the dog break concentration and stop obeying you.

How to Start Training

Training your dog with the remote trainer starts just like any regular training, but with an added correction. For example, if you have taught your dog to associate the action of sitting with the word “sit,” you can correct it with a small static shock with the collar whenever the dog doesn’t obey the command word.

Once your dog has gotten the hang of the excercise, then it’s time to try the collar and the remote but without the leash. You have the start with the lowest level of correction available, and increase it if your dog doesn’t obey or the stimulation is simply not enough for your dog to feel.

You can also teach your dog some safety rules with the aid of the remote trainer, for instance, by stopping your dog with a correction if it tries to run towards a street full of cars. In addition, the leash will become a thing of the past when you walk your dog.

If your dog is not obeying your commands, it’s time to get a remote trainer. This collar and remote control will let you train the most unruly dog. Perhaps the most important feature of the remote trainer is it’s range of level corrections, which you can adapt to your dog’s temperament.

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