The Utility of The Invisible Dog Fence

Even if you don’t have a dog of your own, it’s very likely that you ran into a dog before. What’s a runner? A runner is a dog that likes to get out of its confined area and run about on its own. They aren’t dangerous dogs; they only ran away to play and now they’re exposed to being accidentally hit by cars. We all want our dogs to have as much freedom as they possibly can, but don’t let your energetic canine companion become prey to the dangers of the outside world. Thanks to the new technology, now you can purchase a system that trains your dog. This option is best known as the invisible dog fence.

These fences work through the installation of sensors around the area you want you want to allow your dog to play in and a special collar that is placed around your furry friend’s neck. This collar can become active whenever the dog gets near the periphery of the area and signals this through a beeping sound. If the dog ignores the warning sounds, the collar will give it a mild shock, which increases in intensity if the dog does not go far from the fence. With this method, your pet will learn quickly that it’s not a good idea to go outside the limits of the area.

Some people still imagine that this dog fence means brutal treatment for their pets. However, since they were first invented in 1971, the invisible dog fence has been improved drastically. The shock given to your canine companion is little more than the same static shock you can get from rubbing your feet on carpet with socks on and then touching a metallic object. They are not dangerous at all. Almost all types of collars have adjustable intensity of the shocks so you can set the collar to administer milder shocks if your dog is very young or very small. Wearing such a collar is definitely a better idea than allowing your dog to run freely on the streets.

Invisible fences have been rewarding for dogs and their owners for decades now. Buying a dog fence is definitely worth the price, as you won’t have to worry about your dog running away again. Your dog will be happier than ever that you allow him or her to play and frolic in an open area where they can see everything around them. If you really want to help your pup, then getting an invisible dog fence for it is a small thing you can do. You will see it was worth the effort.

Many dog owners believe that the invisible dog fence is dangerous for their pets. In reality, the new generations of dog fences are harmless. Make an informed decision about the utility of a invisible dog fence!

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