The SDF-100: A Solution For Temperamental Dogs

The SDF-100 is the perfect solution for dogs of any temperament. Irrespective of whether the pet is stubborn or irresolute, the Sportdog SDF-100 can free the pet owners from the hassle of pet containment with ease.

How the System Works

The transmitter units emits radio waves, which extend to the end of the boundaries decided by the installer. The dog is then trained to learn where the boundaries are through the use of training flags that will give the animal a visual guide. The receiver collar fastened to his neck admonishes him with a sound when he approaches the far end of the safe zone. If the dog disregards the warning sound and tries to cross the boundaries, the collar it wears will deliver static shocks in increasing intensity in order to train it to stay within the area assigned to the animal.

Fitted with an in-built lightening protection mechanism, the waterproof collar operates using a 9V battery that needs to be replaced once in every 6-12 months. The Sportdogā€™s SDF-100 includes a DVD with instructions on how to install the system and how to use it to train your dog.

Other Features

For extra safety, the Sportdogā€™s in ground fence has a feature called anti-linger, which prevents your dog from escaping its assigned area even after the batteries are out of power. Also, the level of punishment administered to the dog can be selected from a range of intensities, so you can administer it according to how temperamental your dog is. The low battery indicator, the loop indicant and the adjustable collar are additional features that have proven to be utile.

The collar that comes with the SDF-100 can be used on dogs that weight at least 4 kilograms and a half. Itā€™s not advised to use it on smaller dogs. The SDF-100 set includes 1000 feet of boundary wire and 100 training flags. Additional collars can also be purchased if you own more than one dog.

TheĀ SDF-100 is the perfect solution for owners of dogs that are too temperamental. The system gives correction to dogs in doses that match the animalā€™s temperament. You can also expand theĀ Sportdogā€™s SDF-100 if you want, by purchasing additional wire.

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