The Invisible Dog Fence is Harmless for your Dog

Whether you’re a dog enthusiast or a first time dog owner, you have probably come across a runner before. But what does it really mean? A pet owner who’s dog does not like to stay alone at home and escapes from the yard where it is contained will call it a runner. These dogs are usually harmless, but they get bored while staying alone at home, having no companion to play with, seeing the same things happening every day, or they just need to exercise or to walk as they are active and intelligent animals. We all want our dogs to have as much freedom as they possibly can, but don’t let your energetic canine companion become prey to the dangers of the outside world. We can keep our dog at home through different methods, but most of them will not allow him the possibility to move for free within the whole space we dispose of at our homes, where it is safe for him. This option is best known as the invisible dog fence..

All those people who don’t want to built any kind of physical fence to border their yard or even the entire property can now be relieved, because the invisible dog fence is in fact and electronic system composed of a central unit also called transmitter, a number of proximity sensors and a collar that will be worn by the dog. The array of sensors that border the restraining space will sense the dog approaching and then the collar will by trigger by the central unit to issue a warning beep, in order to indicate your dog to stop or turn around. While firstly using such a collar, the dog will probably not understand the meaning of the warning beep and will continue advancing towards the limits of the yard, but in this case the collar will be trigger to deliver it a mild electric pulse that will convince the dog to stop. Your dog will learn very quickly not to get too close; just a couple of shocks and he will stay well within his designated area.

The major issue most people have with these fences is that they believe the shock the collar gives their dog is inhumane treatment. Maybe this belief was true in 1971, when the invisible dog fence has been first invented, but since then the whole containment system drastically improved. The shock given to your canine companion is little more than the same static shock you can get from rubbing your feet on carpet with socks on and then touching a metallic object. They are not meant to harm the dog, just to startle it. Test the shock and set it as intense as you want. Allowing your dog to escape and getting into troubles can be crueler.

Invisible fences have been rewarding for dogs and their owners for decades now. They are worth the money you invested in. You’ll have a happy dog playing inside the secured area. Advantages are for both of you. And regrets for no one.

Most providers refer to as the invisible dog fence. Your dog will stop when he hears the warning sound. This could be true in 1971, when the invisible dog fence has been used for the first time,


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