Should You Get a Wireless Pet Containment Fence?

Wireless pet containment fences were developed as a solution for dog owners who had trouble keeping their dogs contained within a certain area. They have some advantages over traditional fences, for example, your dog can’t jump over them or dig a hole to go under it, which sometimes resulted in a stuck or injured dog.

A wireless pet containment fence comes with a transmitter that emits radio signals at 17,5 KHz. It also includes a light-weight receiver collar worn on the dog’s neck, 50 training flags and an instructional booklet that aids in training the pet. The transmitter is plugged into a normal house current outled and it will emit the radio signals that the receiver in the collar will detect. If the pet that is wearing the receiver tries to go out of the preset boundary, a premonition in the form of a sound is given. If the dog continues to try to cross the fence, the collar will administer a harmless but annoying electrical shock that will make the dog fall back into the safe area.

It’s not difficult at all to install a wireless pet containment fence. The DVD and the manual that comes with the fence will tell you all you need to know. These fences now come in different designs and models so it’s important that the owners make the right choice before making a purchase.

Tips for Selecting a Wireless Pet Containment Fence

First of all, the collar with the receiver should fit the dog’s neck comfortably, yet not too loose that the dog misses the correction. The radius of operation should match and cover completely the area where you want your dog to be contained. For bigger areas, you might purchase additional transmitters.

The DVD and the instruction manual that come with the set not only explain how to set up the system correctly, they also actually tell you how to slowly get your dog used to the wireless fence. For this reason, it’s suggested that you make sure the product you choose to buy comes with clear, concise directions.

wireless pet containment fence can help you keep your dog in your property without the use of a leash. They come with a DVD and booklet with instructions. Reading and/or watching the instructions is essential to getting good results with your wireless pet containment fence.

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