How Underground Dog Fences Work

People who buy pets for the first time are often surprised when they discover that they have to find a way to restrict access of said pets to certain parts of their houses. However, after the surprise has passed, pet owners find that restraining their pets to a certain are is not only affordable, but also quite practical. Constructing a traditional chain or wooden fence wouldn’t only prove to be a pricey option but would also tarnish the beauty of the yard’s landscape. One good option available is an underground dog fence. These fences help in establishing an invisible safe-zone for the pet to wander around.

How an underground dog fence Functions

An underground dog fence set includes a transmitter, a recever device, boundary wires and training flags. You can mark where you want the boundaries to be with the training flags and then test the system before putting it in operation. The receiver collar worn on the dog’s neck prevents him from crossing the boundary set by the owner. A distracting sound admonishes the pet when they enter the outer perimeter of the safe zone. If the dog still contines and tries to cross the barrier, then a small harmless electric pulse is delievered through the collar.

Sucessful results are reached when the owners take time to train their dogs to recognize the signals emmited by the underground dog fence. Every underground dog fence comes with a manual and a DVD that will explain the owner how to best use the device and get the dog used to it. Do not skip the training offered by the video, as it’s crucial in understanding how to make the dog learn the limits to which it can go.

These systems are more affordable than what most people think, and they are quite easy to install too. Advanced underground dog fences with progressive correction stimulus, flexible coverage area and remote training mechanisms with extra collars are an awesome way to contain multiple pets.

Underground dog fences are a great option if used properly and dogs are trained. There is one thing to consider, while dogs won’t run after cars, people, or other dogs anymore, other dogs or people can get to them, so take that into account before you invest.

An underground dog fence is a great way to keep your dog from running away. It also has the advantage that it doesn’t obstruct the view from the house. It’s very easy and fast to install and operate a underground dog fence, just watch the video that comes with it.

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