Electric Dog Fences: Let Technology Take Care of Your Dog

One of the most efficient forms of keeping a pet within certain boundaries is through wireless dog fences. They are preferred by dog owners because they don’t need wires or cables that get in the way of the pets or the people that live in the house. Previously, invisible dog fences were installed on the similar principle of electric dog fences. However, today the installation is much easier and simpler.

These type of fences work by using different types of transmitters. These can be isntalled indoors or outdoors, and that will depend on the specific characteristics of the product. Part of the specifications include the radio signals that are emitted by the transmitters and that can be detected by a small gadget that has been inserted in the dog’s collar. The owner of the pet can place the transmitter anywhere in his or her property and set the radius of operation of the transmitter as well. The transmitted signals reflect as a warning beep if the dog goes near the boundary limit and if the dog gnores the warning, a harmless electric shock is given to correct the actions of the dog.


Some invisible dog fences are customizable, as you can adjust the level of intensity of the electric shocks to match the size, fur, and stubormness of your dog. The collars are powered by batteries; in some cases the batteries can be recharged, while in others the batteries should be replaced after they run out of energy. These devices are usually resistant to bad weather such as rain, so they can be safely used in these conditions.

Things to Consider

When choosing a wireless dog fence for your house, you shouldn’t forget to think about some things.

Evaluate the maintenance costs and always be precise in choosing a suitable replacement time if neccessary

It’s better to buy from an established supplier with a local waranty than from a company in the other side of the world with little accountability.

If the batteries are not rechargeable, then get the best batteries you can get.

If you can, set a way to back up your system in case there is a power shortage.

Finally, your dog’s size and temperament are important.

wireless dog fences are a great tool to keep dogs inside your property. The installation of these fences is easier than ever. invisible dog fences always include a manual on how to train dogs.

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