Benefits Of An Invisible Fence

Imagine that you have finally gotten the house that you had been saving up for so long. You have everything you wanted including that wonderful garden you have always dreamed of. You go outside to look at your garden and you notice that some of the flowers have been dug up. It makes you cringe, since you worked so hard on it the day before. Then you notice the family dog coming at you with mud all over his paws and muzzle. Perhaps you should have gotten an invisible fence beforehand.

Pros and Cons of an Invisible Fence

Getting an invisible fence is a good idea when you own a dog that is very playful. Dogs tend to roam a lot and get into things they don’t need to. That’s when an invisible fence can be helpful. The fence keeps the dog within a set area so it doesn’t go poking where he shouldn’t. When your dog tries to cross the boundaries you’ve set for it, it’ll recieve a small “punishment,” which will prevent it from trying again.

The “pumishment” consist of a static shock that is very mild. We have all heard about dog experiments in which dogs are taught not to do things based on reaching punishment for doing them. In this case, the static shock is the punishment the dog gets if it tries to leave the assigned perimeter.

The shock is usually transmitted through a dog collar. The intensity of the shock should be adjusted by the owner so that it’s not so strong that it hurts the dog or is painful for it, but not so mild that the dog can just ignore it (dogs have a much ticker skin than humans and much bigger resistance to pain). After a bit of experimentation (not on the dog, of course), you’ll find the right level that will work nicely.

An invisible fence is a good idea to keep your dog within a fixed area without altering your property. Your dog will not be able to destroy gardens or other things in your garden. In addition, an invisible fence will protect your dog from running towards guests or running cars.

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