Advantages Of The SD-2100

Your dog is probably as appreciated as any other family member, and consequently, you want to protect it. There are, of course, traditional fences, but those can be a great deal of work to put up, often require maintenance and can interfere with a home’s curb appeal. Maybe you have already considered a rechargeable in ground pet fencing system, but decided that it seemed too complicated to install. Fortunately, Innotek’s SD-2100 was built with ease of use in mind, so that everyone could install one. Our SD-2100 is very easy to install and it will let you sleep in peace, knowing your dog is free to move withing the limits you set for it, but without escaping or wandering off.

Characteristics of the SD-2100

The SD-2100 is an in ground system so one of the most obvious benefits of this type of fencing is that it does not impede the look of the yard. If you prefer to have an open yard where your dog can run free of obstacles, then our Innotek’s SD-2100 is what you need. For those who already have a traditional fence and just want some extra security for your pet, the sd-2100 can be attached to the bottom of wooden fences or wound through wire fences.

The transmitter that comes with the SD-2100 is aesthetic, so you don’t need to worry that it’ll break the look of your house. In addition, the SD-2100 displays its status constantly, so you can take action the moment there’s a problem or you can just rest well knowing the system is working. The system comes with a battery back up, as well as a recharge reminder so your system is always operational.

The SD-2100 and Your Dog

This fencing works by delivering a short correction signal to the dog through a special waterproof collar. The correction is harmeless and painless, but it will distract your dog and discourage it from wanting to leave the boundaries you set up for it. The level of the signal also increases as the dog nears the boundary. The SD-2100 gives protection to an area of up to 25 acres.

Our SD-2100 is easy to install and operate. It keeps your pet inside your property by administering a correction whenever the dog tries to wander off. In addition, theInnotek’s SD-2100 can be expanded to cover an area of up to 25 acres.

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