Shih Tzu Dogs

Do you think Shih Tzu dogs are cute?

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

I am so curious to know why people like them, they are the most hideous things I have ever seen! Can opinions really be that different? Sorry if you have one, I’m just not a fan! Thanks!

I think they are cute. You just have to keep them trimmed so that there hair doesn’t grow out of control. Its different too when its your own dog, if it was yours you would love him and think he is the cutest thing ever, whereas other people may think ew. Its just your point of view. I think every dog is cute, they all deserve a chance.

How do I make my Shih-tzu friendlier towards dogs and humans?

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

My dog is very shy and mean towards people and dogs when thay sniff or come near her. She is in obedience school right now and she already bit the trainer and when the other dogs come near her she growls and when people come near her she bites. How do i make her be playful and love people? Oh btw shes 2.

well my dog had the same problem she would growl bark and bite other humans because she was scared. What I did to get her to be friendly is I took her to petsmart I brought treats and I bought a Click-R, then i walked her around the store. When she barked growled or tried to bite I scolded her and walked away. When she was good and sat quietly i clicked the Click-r and gave her a treat. I repeated that about 2 to 3 times a week. Now she knows if shes friendly she gets a treat and so now she never barks bites or growls you can also use this same tactic with being friendlier to other dogs

why do shih tzu dogs smell so bad!?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

My dog is a shih tzu.He smells really bad,even when i wash him twice a week!

Make an effort to find out specifically where the bad odor is coming from on the dog. Check the ears. Smelly ears are infected and need veterinary care. Check the face, below the eyes. This area, if allowed to stay moist too much will develop stinky skin infections which, long term will leave permanent scars and bald spots. Check the mouth. Bad teeth and gums can give off a bad smell. See your vet. Look at the lower lip on each side, right behind where the big fang tooth rests when the mouth is closed.Yellow patches are pus, indicating skin infections.

If it is none of those, the dog may have an anal sac problem which a vet can take care of. Another possibility is skin disease, which can be in patches or generalized all over, and can give off an unpleasant odor.

Your dog needs to see a vet. It is not normal for Shih tzu dogs to smell bad.

Do Shih Tzu dogs have bad skin allergies?

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

I’m getting a dog soon,and a shih tzu is on my list of choices. My mother has a peek-a-poo that has bad skin allergies,and she said to not get a dog with bad skin allergies. So help me out!
other dogs i might get
brussels griffon
toy poodle
do any of those have bad skin problems? Thank you!

shih tzu’s are notorious for having allergies.
poodles are pretty bad for having skin allergies, poms and chihuahuas aren’t quiet as bad as poodles/shih tzus, and I am unsure about brussels griffon.

most mixed breed dogs are a little less likely to suffer from major skin allergies, due to hybrid vigor, that is unless of course two allergy prone dogs are bred.

My Shih Tzu dogs are driving me insane!! Help?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Here’s some backround on my situation, this is the first time i’ve had TWO dogs at the same time, and the first time i’ve had Shih Tzu’s. They are great dogs, don’t get me wrong, I think they are more loyal than girl dogs, but they are more stubborn then the Beagle dog that I had. I take them out to go potty in the spot we want them to go in, but theres absolutely nothing I can do to get them to pay attention and go. Buster, one of the dogs, just goes pee and listens most of the time, but Cooper, he holds his pee for like 5 hours! He doesn’t have a bladder infection or anything, and we take them out to go potty often enough! They are almost 8 months old, and I’m so lost. I’ve had dogs before, but i’m at my breaking point with them. I don’t know what to do anymore. And my Mom still thinks that there should be Puppy Pads in the little waiting area for them before they go out the dog door. (The waiting area is not in the house, the garage.) They are 8months old for crying out loud!
Oh my gosh. Anyway, any tips would be greatly appriciated.
Thanks. :/

The puppy pads, if you’re still using them, is what is confusing him, he still thinks the indoors is where he goes and the outside isn’t. I suggest you remove the pads, take him out alone on a leash walk him around and say go potty go potty and wait for him to pee, even if he doesn’t reward him with a treat for going outside. Bring back inside if he doesn’t go and take outside in 10-15 minutes, meanwhile keep him confined so he doesn’t find a hiding spot to potty. If he does go outside, praise him and give him a treat say good potty and bring back inside.

If you take two dogs out off leash they will spend their time playing or wandering around and not really know why they are outside defeating the purpose, this is why going out on a leash individually so you can make them focus on why they are outside is important.

Focus on the one that is giving you the most problem (Buster) and work on getting him outside every two hours to potty, if you are patient, do not punish or yell when he has an accident inside, and you get him outside alone on leash regularly to potty he will eventually be successful.

Why do Shih tzu dogs smell so bad???!!!?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Uggghhh my roommate has 2 Shih tzu dogs and they are the sweeeeeetest things, but I CANNOT stand being around them because they smell so bad!! I feel horrible because they follow me around the house and wanna be right with me every step I take, but I can’t stand the smell of them. Even when I give them, baths they will smell like the shampoo for one day and then its back to the old stench. My mom also has 2 shih tzu dogs and she treats them like GOLD and always has them clean & groomed, but even when I hold them, I still have to wash my hands after. Its not as bad as my roommate’s dogs, but its still a funky odor. Why do Shih tzu’s smell different and more odorous than other dogs? Is there any kind of shampoo maybe that is specifically for super stinky dogs? I swear it must be a genetic thing… I’d imagine there is a shampoo for Shih tzu odor. ANY HELP?? =)

One of the big ‘stinkys’ with Shih Tzus when they are younger is the fur growing on that short little nose pokes right back into the eyes, irritating the eyes to death and causing mass tearing which then falls under the eye, sits on the lower eye area and becomes hugely infected. It is VERY important to be clipping that fur under the eyes and on the top of the nose area very frequently so as to stop the vicious circle.

Many times when a shih tzu turns middle aged and older, they develop allergies which seem to ooze out from their skin and they get very ‘yeasty’ with yellow ick oozing from the toes, throat, back and ears especially. It is usually a systemic yeast infection and I would bathe with Chlorahexadine medicated shampoo but that is only treating the results of whatever is inside tearing them up. The best treatment would be going to the vet for the internal remedy so the whole mess will stop destroying the skin organ.

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