Pet Doors

Installing Pet Doors In Your Home

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

If you have a pet, like a cat or a dog, you might be trying to figure out a way to give them a bit of independence from being locked inside a room or tied somewhere. Even the most tamed of cats and dogs are still guided by their instincts, and they need to see the sun from time to time. On the other hand, pets have to be protected from things that might hurt them, like cars on the street, and with pet doors, most owner can satisfy both needs.

What They Are

Pet doors are nothing but trap doors or flaps that are installed on doors and that your pet can push open to go outside without you opening the door for it. Pet doors are easy to install if you have the right tools and know how. If you decide to do the job yourself, you can get information on how to install your pet door at your local pet supplies store or home depot. Of course, it’s always easier (albeit more expensive) to hire a professional to do the job.

Convenience and Safety

While useful, pet doors are not recommended for every single case. The most obvious example of this is that they are very impractical for people who live in apartments. A less common case is houses with backyards, but without restraining fences. Letting your pet out in an area that it can just walk away from is never a good idea. In many cases it is even illegal. Even if it’s not illegal, your dog’s safety should be reason enough to avoid this sitution.

Your pet could be hit by a car, picked up by someone who thinks he or she is a stray, or your pet could possibly harm someone and bring you into lengthy litigation as well that could possibly force your pet to be terminated. You have to consider all of these before you install a pet door in your property

Installing pet doors is a way of giving some independence to your pet. They are very convenient in most cases, but not all, for example, in apartment buildings. If you think your pet might benefit from pet doors, consult an expert first.

The Pet Door: Helpful Information

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

If you have a pet, you might be wondering how to make things easier for both you and the pet. Very often, pups are bought on an impulse because they’re cute or because one of your children asks for one, and it isn’t until later that you realize what it takes to have a dog.

Dogs not only need food, they also need water, sun, shade, a place where to relieve themselves, and that’s not counting their emotional needs. You might have heard that getting a pet door installed is a great way to make life easier for you while getting some of your pet’s needs taken care of. Here are some things that you need to think about when you are deciding whether or not to install one of these doors.


Pet doors are generally safe when installed correctly. There are some people that think that a burglar can break into their houses through a pet door, and in a few cases, they might not be too far from the truth. For instance, if your dog is a large breed, the pet door that you need to install for it might actually be big enough to let a human to try to use it to open the door. Fortunately, you can try the same trick yourself before buying the door; just use your arm and see how long you can stretch it through the trap door in an attempt to reach the approximate distance of your door knob. If your arm can reach the door knob, then that pet door is obviously not safe for you. For most cases, the smaller animals work best for safe pet doors.


Another factor to consider when thinking about installing one of these doors is how useable it will be for your pet. Make sure that the pet door is big enough for your animal (future growth considered as well) and that the door isn’t so heavy that the animal can’t push it open.

Some people buy a pup and then are surprised to learn the responsabilities they acquired as well. Fortunately, installing a pet door can help you take care of some of your pet’s needs. You can get a pet door online or at most pet supply stores.

An Original Solution: The Patio Panel Pet Door

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Patio panel pet doors are a great option for those dog owners that can afford to have a patio in their houses where they can let their pet play. Because patios usually have sliding doors, people used to think that it was impossible to install a patio panel pet door on one of them, but fortunately, today the market offers some models that do precisely that. Typically, they can find the right door to meet their needs, whether their pet is large or small, and no matter what type of glass door they have.

Choices and Clarifications

One thing that pet owners can do is install a doble paned pet door or an insulated one that still makes the door energy effecient. Before buying anything, you should check whether the glass door that leads to your patio is single or doble paned, since each type needs a different type of approach.

Another thing that has to be decided is whether the patio panel pet door will be installed permanently or just temporary, and if it’s going to be temporary, how long. The main advantage of having a temporary patio pet door is that it can be taken out at will and be installed in another place, in case the family takes a long vacation in another house or just because it moves to a different place. Even though the pet door is temporary, it is still secured in place with screws so that the sliding door remains secure from intruders.

There are also different options in the patio panel pet door in terms of the security that can be gained with them. Some of these can be given an extra little security notch by using a lock to close them, while others can even have an alarm installed on them. Since there are several models of panel pet doors available, the exact type of lock might differ from a model to another

If you have a patio where your dog spends most of the time, you should install a patio panel pet door. New models can even be installed on glass doors. A patio panel pet door is screwed to the patio door, so it can’t be pulled off by thieves.

Understanding How A Magnetic Cat Door Works

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Most people think that a magnetic cat door works only on batteries or electrical current, but most don’t, which means that they are unaffected by power failures or blackouts. This is a great feature of these doors because the pet can be left alone and the owner will not have to worry about the cat being locked in or out of the house because of a power failure or battery failure.

Understanding Magnetic Doors

The magnetic pet door responds to a small magnet that is attached to a collar worn around the cat’s neck or to keys worn on the cat’s collar. When this magnet is close to the door due to the approach of the cat, the door opens. The system thus allows the cat to come and go as it pleases while the door is locked when the cat is away.

The idea behind this concept is to give freedom of movement to the cat, who can them come and go without the need of the owner to interrupt his or her activities just to open the door or a window for the pet.

Offers Security

The magnetic cat door is safe and secure for pets to use because the door automatically locks after the cat passes through the door and only opens when activated by the magnetic collar around the cat’s neck. This means that if your cat is chased by another animal, like a feroucious dog, the door will keep other animals from following your cat inside the house. Plus it will protect against theft because a person will not be able to slip through the locked door either.

Some magnetic cat doors even have some extra features that will allow you to modify how and when access is granted. Magnetic cat doors aren’t really harder to install than regular cat doors.

A magnetic pet door is not only resistant to water and any type of weather, but it’s also tight enough that it won’t let water get inside the house. They are recommended for cats six to nine months of age, but are not recommended for kittens.


They generally cost about $50. But some fancy models can cost up to $100. Custom made models are also available, but they cost more.

If you have a cat, installing a magnetic cat door is a very good idea. This way, there’s no need to open the door or a window every time the cat goes in or out. Oh, and amagnetic pet door will ONLY open for your cat.

What Electronic Dog Doors Do For You And Your Pet

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

There’s one thing that works against traditional dog doors: if an animal is chasing or following our dog, it can do so even inside our house. The advent of electronic dog doors has brought in inexplicable convenience and security to our dogs at home. Before you go out and buy the first electronic door that you see, you should do some research, either on internet or with pet supplies stores in order to find out what options you have.

Kinds of Electronic Dog Doors

There are two types of electronic pet doors depending on the sensors they have. The first one uses sensors that detect motion while the second one uses sensors that detect electromagnetic fields. While the former one is operated based on the working of an innovative sensor that senses the motion of the dog and differentiates the motion of the dog from that of humans, the latter is based on an electro magnetic signal that is sent from the collar unit worn by the dog.

The electromagnetic dog doors are more advantageous when compared to the ones that are operated based on motion sensors for they allow only the dog around whose neck the collar is worn


Unlike conventional dog doors, the electronic dog doors are light, easy to use and install. They are designed to resist both bad weather and constant use, and thus they last for a long time. There are even a few models that will let you select to leave the door temporaly open or closed.

Selecting the Best Electronic Dog Door

It is important to have a look at the featured offerings before you make the purchase of electronic dog doors for the fact that they drastically differ and are versatile with different vendors. This includes taking into account the height of the dog (now and in the future, since puppies can sometimes outgrow the door), the inclusion of installation in the deal, back up battery, etc.

The main advantage of electronic dog doors over regular ones is that they keep other animals out of the house. They are also a good choice in areas where there’s a lot of rain or snow, since they will keep those outside too. Always consider the size of your dog when looking at electronic pet doors.

Understanding How An Electronic Dog Door Benefits You

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The electronic dog door is powered either by batteries, electrical plugs or by both. This type of door uses high technology in oder to make life easier for the dog and its owner. It is designed to open only to the dog that is wearing a collar that the door can recognize through its detectors. With this system, no other animal will be able to get into your house. Of course, the technology of these automatic doors makes them more expensive, but they are worth it.

Unlike regular pet doors, automatic pet doors will let your dog come in and go out whenever it wants, but unlike regular pet doors, they will not only keep other animals out, but also water from rain and dust from the street. In addition, while a regular dog door will let your dog in too, only the automatic dog door will close and lock after your dog is inside, maybe saving it from attacks from other dogs or mean children.

How These Doors Work

There are various kinds of doors but they generally function in the same way. The dog has to wear a collar, which in turn emits an infrared or a magnetic frequency; this frequency can be picked up by the door’s sensors and it causes the door to open.

The door will automatically open after the dog passes through and it will lock until the dog returns to pass through again. There are some types which include a remote control that let the owner keep the door closed or opened regardless of where the collar is.

One of the unique features about an electronic pet door is that people cannot activate the door because the high-tech sensors can detect the difference between an animal and a person


Most are reasonably priced starting at around $40 dollars but depending on the various features selected they can cost up to $700 dollars

Electronic dog doors are very safe for a pet to use and most are also very secure and offer various features such as a variety of locking options and styles such as wall, door or patio door mounted

The electronic dog door is powered by normal electrical current or by batteries. It locks after the dog comes in, keeping animals and rain outside. Depending on your specificelectronic pet door model, you may get different features.

Installing A Doggy Door: A Good Idea?

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

For dog owners who live in their own houses, installing a doggie door on a door that connects the house to the backyard is a way to give their dog some independence of movement. People who have a sliding glass door might think that they are out of luck when thinking about putting in a doggy door, but that is not the case. In fact, there are not one, but two types of doggie doors that can be installed on glass doors without the risk of breaking them or making them fragile.

Kinds of Doggie Doors

Doggie doors that can be installed on glass doors are the panel door and the door within a door. The first type is a door that measure the same as the sliding door, and while it reduces the space that people have to get out, it works as a normal doggie door otherwise.

The door within the door requires that a hole be cut in the glass so that the door for the pet can be installed

In addition to dog doors that can be installed on glass doors, there are also other types that work on regular doors, like the automatic slider doggie doors. These doors are suited for larger breeds of dogs since they are designed to open the entire door for the dog to pass through at will. However, the most common type of doggie door installed in regular wooden doors is the flap door, which has to be pushed open by the dog and can be opened both ways.

Due to the popularity of doggie doors, manufacturers are always trying to come up with new types of doggie doors, such as the sash doors and the door mounts. With so many options available in the market, a dog owner should have no problem finding the doggy door that adapts to his or her needs and budget, and for his or her dog too, of course.

Installing a doggie door is very easy and practical. They can even be installed in glass doors. You can pretty much install a doggy door in any kind of door.

Dog Doors: No More Interruptions

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Dog doors are very practical solutions for dog owners who are too busy and can’t afford to get up and go open the door every time the dog wants to come in or go out. Thus, they allow dog owners to continue with their activities interrupted so that when they finish they can dedicate some quality time to their pets.

Different Sorts of Dog Doors

dog doors come in several materials, including wood, plastic, metal, and glass; you can even get electronic dog doors if you want.

The plastic doors are transparent which in turn allows your pet to have an outside view and vice versa. This may prove to be disadvantageous since this would allow anyone to have a look indoors. Metal doors are the most resistant, but they might be too heavy for your dog to push open and they tend to make noise with time.

Glass doors are prefered by people who want something transparent. The most modern and technologically advanced of them all by far is the electronic dog door. These have a remote key attached to their collar that enables automatic opening and closing of the door using magnets.

Tips on How to Get the Most Appropriate Dog Door

Take your priorities into consideration first. Some people prefer the transparent dog door because it goes better with a house that has big windows, while others think it might be a bit intrusive on their privacy. Never buy a dog door without comparing it to the actual measurements of the dog, since replacing it will usually be difficult and expensive. Although it might sound obvious, some dog owners buy doors for their puppies and forget that they will outgrow them in very little time.

It’s very easy to train the dog to use the door. Just show it a couple of times, and the dog’s own needs will take it from there. If possible, always hire a professional to install the dog door for you.

For some people, dog doors means no interruptions when cooking, sleeping, or watching TV. They allow your dog to go to the yard by itself. When comparing dog doors, consider your dog’s size above all.

Installing A Dog Door: It Really Works

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Dog owners know that it’s better for their pets to be independent since they won’t always have time for them. It can be difficult to wake up at five in the morning to take your dog out for a walk. When you install a dog door, you can continue sleeping, or working, or doing whatever you are doing without interrupting it because Fido needs to go outside urgently.

Here are some important things to consider when thinking about installing a dog door or a dog flap in your home for your dog

Some Basic Safety Rules

When you install a dog door, there are some safety issues you have to think about. If you have a small breed dog, then it’s really not a problem becaue its door will also be small. But if you have a large dog, you might need a dog door that is very large to let your dog in and out. The larger the door is, the bigger the chance that a person can crawl through and into your home. Some burglars will even try to unlock your door by reaching through the door and aiming for the door knob.

Make sure to talk to a qualified individual about these possibilities when installing a dog door in your home. Local pet supply stores will usually give you enough information to make a decision.

You Dog Counts

The most important thing is to make sure that your dog can go through the door. If the dog cannot get out, then what is the point of having the dog door? In addition, make sure that the dog is strong enought to open the door. This last point can be overlooked until after the door has been installed and it’s too late or too expensive to change it.

Getting a dog door is very convenient. No more getting up at night to let your dog out urgently. When buying a dog door always see that your dog can fit through it and open it before purchasing it.

Explaining Cat Doors

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

If you have one or more pet cats, then you might want to install one or two or even more cat flaps for both your and your pets’ convenience. They are very practical because they give more freedom to your cat while at the same time saving you the trouble of opening the door every single time.

It pays to have a professional install them so that they won’t let water in whenever it rains; it’s also important to make sure they’re well fixed to the door so that they won’t fall off with time.

Think About Burglars

When fitting cat flaps it is also important to think about the security of your house, and by careful positioning of the cat flap you will ensure that you do not compromise the security in anyway. That’s one reason why it’s usually better to place them at the bottom or almost at the bottom of the door, which also lets your cat walk through them without jumping.

Although of course, nobody expects a burglar to shrink to the size of a cat and use the door to get in, if cat doors were a bit higher, they could try to use them to reach in and go for the handle.

Not Your Cat

By having cat doors in your house you are potentially allowing all the cats in the neighbourhood to come in to your home, which may not be something you are happy with. If you want to avoid this situation, you can do so by getting a cat flap that is activated with a collar worn by your cat, thus making sure that it will only open for your ct.

Normally working on a magnet, this means that the cat flap remains locked shut if approached by another cat, but when your cat comes near, the magnet on the collar releases the cat flap lock and he is allowed to pass through

cat flaps will let your cat come in and out as it pleases without your help. If installed properly, they won’t represent a safety risk. There are even some cat doors that will only open for your cat.