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The Quiet Dogs Wear Dog Bark Collars

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Some months have passed since you bought your new pet in your house, and now as he grew up, the little yip and yap that was so cute when he was a puppy is no more that cute. Now he is full-grown and barks at every little sound or movement, especially at night. If you and others in your family are bothered by the constant barking, imagine how your neighbors feel. Angry neighbors can do many things, even to report this situation to local authorities. In many countries you may be forced to bark train your dog or else legal authorities can take your dog away. Of course you have tried to command it to stop barking, but as you are not a professional dog trainer you have failed in this attempt. For all those people who find themselves in such a situation, nowadays the Dog Bark Collars are on the market.

Contrary to the opinion of many, collars of this type do not hurt dogs. The shock delivered is not that strong. The shocks can be just strong enough to draw your dog’s attention when you command him or her to stop barking. As part of his job, a dog should warn you about stranger presences, so barking is appropriate at times and you should allow your dog to bark then. You can either put the collar around the neck of your dog only during times that he should not be barking, or just turn it on at those times. Soon he will learn that when the collar is on, he is not to bark.

The dog bark collars are electronically based devices that have two main functions: to detect dog barking of specific intensity and duration and to deliver shocks to the dog if the set limits are over passed. This discourages the dog from barking after being shocked just two or three times. If you remember the static electric shock you felt when rubbing some synthetic textile and then touching any metal object, they were similar to the electric shocks these collars can deliver. Teaching your dog to abstain over barking using this type of collar is far less cruel than sending it to a shelter where who knows what can happen to it.

You will be both, dog and owner, more contented after your pet will learn to stop barking when it is not permitted. All you have to do is to put the collar on your dog’s neck or to turn it on when its barking would be disturbing and to turn it off after that. Your rest time will be peaceful. You’ll do a favor to your neighbors too.

Choose the collar to fit to your dog. The Dog Bark Collars come in sizes to fit every breed and size of dog, even the very small dogs. Usually smaller breeds bark the most and the loudest. Once you have the right size, fit it on your dog so the electronic device fit snug against the dog but is not too tight. This way he will not be disturbed.

If you have any doubts about the safety of dog bark collars, try one on yourself. Many others have tried them and convinced themselves. They are certainly safer for your dog than an angry neighbor throwing rocks and shoes at your barking dog. Get one today and the whole neighborhood will be sleeping through the night again soon.

Dog Bark Collars are used to teachn dogs proper barking times. All the neighborhoob may this way enjoy relax times. There are Dog Bark Collars to fit to any dog.

The Citronella Bark Collar Is Quite Effective

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

All of us know that the dog was one of the first animals our ancestors domesticated thousands of years ago, so don’t be surprised to discover that dog collars have been used since those times. In fact, we can trace the first dog collars to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Since those times, dog collars have been used as an ID for each owners’ canines and to protect them from unwanted critters. So why should dog owners consider upgrading to a citronella bark collar?.

All of us know about the dog collar and we also know that dogs bark, so how about a “bark collar”? A bark collar is used to change the behaviour of the dog wearing it. It helps the owner to train the dog not to bark too much or at the wrong times. A bark collar is composed mainly of a microphone and a battery. Through the microphone, the barking of the dog triggers the tool for altering the dog’s behavior. The owners of the dogs should know that these bark collars are used just in an overbarking discouraging purpose.

The Citronella Bark Collar is the most popular of the three types of bark collars on the market. These collars contain a can that’s filled with a fluid whose base is citronella. This is a naturally produced oil that is extracted from different types of grasses. The oil helps to keep away various critters from your canine, including fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. The lemon-like scent of citronella is also quite unpleasant for your dog.

Here are some of the key benefits of citronella-based bark collars:

1. They are safe for your dog One of the key benefits of citronella-filled bark collars is that they’re non-toxic. So it won’t have a negative effect on your dog’s eyes or skin. It also has no negative effect on the eyes or skin of your-self.

2. Their effect is proven The citronella bark collars are used to modify the behaviour of the dogs. The barking of the dog will be sensed by the microphone in the dog collar. It then releases the citronella contained in the collar. Your dog will soon see the connection between its barking and the unpleasant scent from citronella oil.

Several scientific studies have certified the Citronella Bark Collar is quite effective. These studies show that such collars eliminate 90% of the unwanted barking. This fact was already known by the satisfied owners.

3. They’re humane. Many experts and dog owners consider that the most humane type of bark collar on the market is the citronella one. That’s because the dog experiences no pain when exposed to the citronella. This is a huge plus for the owners who are looking for an effective but humane anti barking measure. As we consider that dogs are “man’s best friends”, we want to protect them from any pain.

Moreover, citronella is humane for insects too. This is maybe not your biggest concern. But if you want to prevent the harm of animals while protecting your pet, then a citronella bark collar is definitely a wise choice. Insects will be repeled, not harmed.

The Citronella Bark Collar is the most popular of the three types of bark collars on the market. They act in a humane way. The effectiveness of the Citronella Bark Collar was verified through scientific studies.

Bark Collars Ensure Peaceful Rest

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

When a pet is outdoors whitout the surveillance of its master, something harmful can happen to it such as getting hit by a car, being hurt while chassing some livestock or any other accident. As we care for our pets, we want them to be happy, but also to be safe. It can be rather boring for a pet to be trapped indoors for hours at a time. Just like people, pets need fresh air too. Getting bored may lead to some health or behaviour disfunctions, an increased excitability or excessive barking. This can cause some situations to be quite stressful. You have the possibility of creating a less stressful but also much safer environment for your pet through investing in electronic pet control devices such as bark collars or containment fences.

If you use an electronic fence, you can contain your pet in any space you consider safe for it to move as free. The special collar attached to the neck of your pet will help it learn the boundaries of the place you have secured for it through installing the invisible electronic fencing system. While the system will not harm the animal, it will give them a light shock if they try to pass beyond the fence. In the first approaching phase, the collar will issue a warning beep, then follows the shock. As dogs are intelligent, they will learn stopping at the warning beep.

People have made pets from the animals they love most. Of course we want only the best for our pets. But it is impossible to secure them when wandering on the strets downtown or among the livestock of some neighbour farmer. Cats are also naturally curious creatures and will roam if their instinct tells them too. A cat’s curiosity can often get him into trouble too. Most of the animals hit on the road are cats. The electronic containment fence can keep them near the house.

In a crawded neighborhood, bark control collars are ideal for dog owners. This is ideal if you live in apartments, duplexes or town houses. Dogs that bark at everythig and everyone they encounter while on the walk will need also this special type of collar. A bark collar can make a daily walk more enjoyable and give your pet more control. Many of the people owning pets like to take them in hollidays in their cars. But it can be disturbing and a possible accident cause when they are barking at every car passing. Use a bark collar on your pet and your journey will be safer and enjoyable for both of you.

We can secure our pets without locking them out. Devices like the bark collars and containment fences do not harm your pet. We can use electronic products like these in order to make our lives easier and for the best of our fury friends. The containment fence offers a safe place for them to roam free, and the barking collar the possibility of living in large cities without disturbing neighbours.

In order to create a safer environment for your pet, you may consider investing in bark collars. Most pets get into trouble because of their curiosity. Devices like the bark collars and containment fences do not harm your pet.

The Anti Bark Collars Are Effective

Monday, July 11th, 2011

It happens that, when you are speaking to some persons and mention the fact your dog is wearing an anti bark collar, they look at you in some strange way , but when they speak about their dogs, you realize those dogs are emptionally damaged. Not all the dogs are frequently barking, but some of them rarely stop from barking, and if you are used to such behaviour, be sure that your neighbours are going to complain about, and of course they’ll have every right to do it. Very few people are able to resist incessantly barking, but no one has any good reason to do it. In fact, if your dog continues to disturb your neighbours through its excessive barking, especially at inappropriate times, you will also get into troubles with the law. And if you get into such trouble with the law, besides the financial aspect, there is also the possibility of beeing forced to give up at the dog that is continuously causing a disturbance.

After all those years you have been together with your dog, it will be a significant emotional disturbance to be forced to give him or her to another owner. And if the dog is not properly trained to change its barking behaviour and continues to disturb people, the new owner will most likely get rid of it too. In many cases, these dogs just keep moving from one home to a next, until eventually they find themselves in an animal shelter, and then finally on the receiving end of a lethal injection. Many people do not think that far, and so they call inhumane the use of a device producing a negligible static shock that could prevent such situation.

Unfortunately though, the vast majority of people have seen movies where a dog has been tortured using a shock collar, and they’ve read reports on how cruel these collars are. The vast majority of those who wrote such reports claim to be the most devoted dog lovers, but none of them ever did at least some basic research about the anti bark collars. Some are even under the impression that you need to shave a section of the dog’s neck, in much the same way criminals are shaved in preparation for the electric chair. Can you believe that some of these reporters are so misinformed so that they claim to have seen burn marks on these dogs’ necks? How could two small AA batteries general enough charge to burn or harm anything?.

In truth, electronic Anti Bark Collars should be called “tingle” collars, as opposed to shock collars. We have all experienced static electricity when undressing some sort of clothes, and the tiny shock we have sensed can’t really be described as painful. Of course it frightens you for the moment, but it does not harm you.

There are thousands of dogs alive today just thanks to these collars. They have been used as a last resort by many dog owners, but have been proven effective in just a couple of days. Additionally, most Anti Bark Collars will warn the dog before the shock is administered. If the dog then goes ahead and starts bark, a very mild shock is given, and if the dog continues to bark, the intensity of the shock increases. Even at the maximum intensity, the electric shock barely overpasses what we know as static shock. It cannot be more powerful than the two AA batteries allow.

The right nickname of these electronic Anti Bark Collars should be in fact “tingle” collars. The intensity of the electric shock is adjustable. Most Anti Bark Collars firstly issue a warning beep.

The Dog Bark Collar Issues Aversive Stimuli

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Ask someone about the Dog Bark Collar. and there is a chance to be advised not to use such cruel and inhumane type of a collar. And of course, when asked to describe these collars and how do they work, why are they so cruel and inhumane, all those people will say they never saw one and don’t even thought to test one. And if you keep asking, you’ll find out that, not only that person has no experience with this type of collars, bot neither did the person from whom they’ve heard about these cruel devices.

Powered by two small penlight batteries, the intensity of the shock delivered by these collars can under no circumstance harm a dog in any way. Dogs don’t have an understanding of electricity as we do, and if they did, a dog bark collar would prove to be ineffective. The anti bark collars work because the shock is startling the dog, not because it would produce him any pain. You can test the collar at the maximum intensity and you will see that you won’t feel any pain. The dog feels no pain, but he or she dislike the sensation given by the shock. Of course some people may argue that while the collars can’t harm a dog physically, they could perhaps harm the animal mentally or emotionally. Within a pack, the alpha dog impose his domination through different types of correction, so any dog would consider correction a natural thing.

In addition to what’s just been mentioned above, the vast majority of dogs learn to avoid any correction within just a matter of days. These intelligent animals are quickly making the association between the warning beep the collar issues and the shock that follows in seconds. The dog can bark once or twice, and if it continues, the collar warns through buzzing, and if the dog continues barking follows the shock. The shock intensity is set to increase if the dog chooses to continue barking and to ignore it the beep and the previous shock. If the dog is stubborn or stupid enough, it will experience the highiest level of correction. To the contrary, within just a few days most dogs will stop barking the minute they hear the buzzing sound.

If a dog bark collar was in any way harmful for a dog they would have long since been banned in European countries, which have some of the strictest anti cruelty laws in the world. In truth, a more successful training method doesn’t exist. Even the professional dog trainers are failing with some dogs when training them not to bark, the regular dog owners have few chances without using a Dog Bark Collar. Some people can get angry enough to listen your dog unceassantly barking and may try to poisson it. In many communities are laws that can force the owner of a dog barking in excess and at inappropriate times to give it to a dog shelter.

Electronic collars allow dog owners who really love their dogs to find a way around this problem, and they do so in a safe and humane way

Ask someone about the Dog Bark Collar. If the dog is stubborn enough, it will experience the highiest shock. There are few chances to succeed without using the Dog Bark Collar.

The Anti Bark Collar Is Safe For The Dog

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Sometimes, a barking dog is annoying. Barking is quite normal for them, and even healthy, because they express their fear or warning But sometimes, they bark without good reason, just seeming to bark for barking. When dogs bark too much or at inappropriate times, then it’s a problem. While there are several types of methods for preventing your dog from barking at such times, an anti bark collar is definitely one of the best options.

The way an Anti Bark Collar operates is quite a simple one. It is composed of two main parts, a microphone and a battery. The sound made by the dog when barking triggers the Anti Bark Collar to release a mild stimulus to discourage the barking and a short beep. The two main types of pain-free stimuli are citronella (more specifically, oil from the plant) and ultrasonic sound. Some dog owners preffer ultrasounds releasing anti bark collars, others argue that the bark collars using citronella oil are more effective, because in time the dog will become accustomed with ultrasounds.

Why should you consider using an anti bark collar instead of other methods? Such collars can be one of the best options available for those people who are interested in a holistic approach of behavior control. The anti bark collar releasing citronella uses the oil that originates naturally from a plant. One could arguably consider holistic the use of the anti bark collar releasing ultrasounds, since this technical device is basically imitating the effect of the human shouting. An interesting fact is that, while these devices are really safe for the dogs wearing them, they are also safe for the insect nearby. For example, while a citronella-filled anti-bark collar can help to repel insects such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, it won’t actually hurt or kill the bugs. Many people do not like fleas and ticks, but they will be opposing to pet products that actually kill them.

Another main benefit of anti-bark collars is that they’re humane. This is the truth when we speak about the citronella based collars, but also about the ultrasonic collars. All the pet owners are using only pet supplies that are as humane as possible. The scent of the citronella oil is highly unpleasant for any dog, but it won’t cause the dog any health related problem. While the pitch of ultrasonic sounds are extremely high, they won’t harm the hearing of your dog. We think of dogs as the peoples’ best friends. So choose an anti-bark product that treats your friend nicely. This type of products don’t cause any harm or pain to our dogs, they just worn them when barking.

Moreover, both types of anti bark collars prove to have a great effectiveness. We all want products that really work. Amazingly, some scientific studies have revealed that anti-bark collars can be effective in preventing up to 90% of your dog’s unwanted barking. Of course, this isn’t to say that we should take an “anything goes” approach when choosing anti-bark collars. But we really want them to work.

Finally, anti-bark collars tend to be quite affordable. The price varies, particularily on the method used. But for less than $100 USD you can find a good collar. This is a good price in the present market.

The Anti Bark Collar is acting in a very simple way. The sound of the barking triggers the Anti Bark Collar to release a mild stimulus. We should use anti bark products that are friendly to our friends.

The Bark Collar Uses Electric Shocks

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

As people communicate through different languages, dogs also communicate through different types of barking. Sometimes barking does not indicate anything, but the fact that your dog is in the mood of barking, and if this lasts for long or occurs at inappropriate times of the day or night, it can be very annoying. Here comes the Bark Collar to the rescue of harassed dog owners and their neighbors!.

It will be appropiate to see what these devices are and how do they work, before discussing the benefits of the bark collars. Bark collars are specialized types of dog collars worn around the canine’s neck that keep these animals from barking excessively or inappropriately. Barking is not always considered excessive or inappropriate or both by the dog owner or other people, but this is depending on many factors that include the hour in the day or night, the type of neighbourhood and also the adjoining circumstances of the occurence of the behaviour.

The electronic bark collars were designed to work under the principles of the aversive training. If the dog starts barking and does not stop during a period of time that can be preset by the owner, the Bark Collar will issue a beep of worning followed in a few seconds by the delivery of a mild electric shock to the dog’s skin. The electric shock will startle the dog into stopping its barking behaviour, creating the dog an unpleasant feeling, and in time, the dog will associate the warning beep with the disagreeable electric shock, and will stop its barking when hearing the warning beep or even before.

From the above description alone, many benefits can be concluded from the use of the bark collar of which the most notable are the following:

•This device can be used to train the dog to properly behave , especially at night when all the neighbours are asleeped and peace and quiet should reign the neighborhood. You and your neighbors will be able to sleep restfully for the rest of the night instead of being waken up at odd hours to the annoying sound of your dog barking at the moon.

• The intensity of the electric shocks issued by the collar can be adjusted by the owner to fit the dog’s training needs, discipline level and size. If you have a dog of a large size that uses to bark just because it likes barking, it will be useful to adjust the settings at the higher level of intensity, while if your dog is one of a small size that barks only occasionally, it will be more appropriate to set the lowest level of intensity for this device. Start with the lower level and increase it until your dog properly responds to this aversive training technique.

• Most bark collars will have a method by which dog owners can be alerted to the presence of intruders in the house and its premises because of the dog’s barks. If the dog barks for at least 15 successive times in 30 seconds, the collar shuts off. You should then be able to respond in an appropriate manner such as looking for the source of the dog’s agitation.

•The bark collars are adjustable. They are usually made of leather.

You can effectively use the bark collar for training your dog proper behaviour.

The dog owners use a Bark Collar or other anti bark measures. The aversive training is the basic principle here. A beep followed by a mild electric shock is delivered from the Bark Collar to the dog’s skin.

Dog Bark Collars Are Humane

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Your dog is no longer a puppy and he no longer has that cute little yip that was so cute. Today your former puppy is a full-grown dog, and he got used to bark at anyone and every thing all day long, but especially at night. Your entire family is bothered by this constant barking, and also are your neighbours. Some of your neighbours complained, and they are going to sued you. You have to do something or you may have to give up your precious companion. You tried to make him quiet in different ways, but he just didn’t listen to you. Maybe it is time to try using one of the Dog Bark Collars available.

Some people have the false opinion that these electronic dog bark collars hurt dogs. The electric shocks they deliver are no stronger than the two little AA bateries can charge. Though the electronic collars issue mild shocks these are unpleasant enough for your dog to stop barking. At night and at some other moments barking is inappropriate, but not all the time. When you use one of these collars, put it on him only during times that he should not be barking. He is and intelligent pet and will learn not to bark when wearing the collar.

Dog bark collars have an electronic device that detects sounds over a certain decibel and gives a mild shock to the dog when he barks loud enough to be detected. After the dog is shocked for two or three times, it gets discouraged from barking. Though many people think the shocks are inhumane, they are as mild as the static shocks we might get from rubbing our feet on a carpet and then touching a metal object. The alternative to using such “inhumane” device for training is to put your pet in a shelter where he may end up being euthanized.

You and your dog will be much happier when he learns when it is okay to bark and when it is not. It is very simple to put his collar when he is not allowed to bark and remove it the rest of the day. You and your dog will be able to enjoy a quiet evening and peaceful sleep. Your neighbours as well.

When you choose a collar to use, make sure you choose the right size. Choose from the Dog Bark Collars the one to fit the breed and size of your dog. Even the very small dogs. It is sometimes the smaller breeds that bark the most and the loudest. Every time you use the collar, adjust it so the electronic device fits snug against the dog but is not too tight. Fit properly, the collar will be comfortable.

You can even try the collar yourself, if you have any doubts about the safety of the dog. This will convince you they don’t do any harm at all. It does not even compare to an angry neighbour throwing rocks and shoes at your dog. Get one today and the whole neighbourhood will be sleeping through the night again soon.

You should use one of the available Dog Bark Collars. They are not weapons to deliver strong electric shocks. Choose from the Dog Bark Collarsthe one to fit the breed and size of your dog.

How to Find Reputable Shih Tzu Breeders

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Although the prospect of raising your own Shih Tzu is nice one to imagine, impulsively buying them from the first Shih Tzu breeders you come across may not be. No one is dismissing the possibility that you can get discounts, or a good deal, when buying puppies from Shih Tzu breeders, but you need to be sure you’re buying from legitimate ones. Legitimate breeders, those who breed dogs according to healthy breeding standards, are often part of breeding clubs. Such breeders are capable of providing you with registration of the pups’ bloodline and even the inoculations and deworming sessions they’ve undergone.

For those who are really interested in specific dog breeds, legitimate breeders should be your first option. There are stories of pet owners who adopt pure bred Shih Tzu from animal shelters and rescues, but that’s a rare occurrence. If you’re planning to raise Shih Tzu pups yourself, you have a higher chance of find that with Shih Tzu breeders than trying your luck with dog shelters. Shelters may at times have some abandoned puppies one could adopt, but most of the time they take in adult pups that are abandoned, orphaned, left on the street cold and hungry and homeless. Plus, if you usually take part in dog shows - and enter your best dogs there - getting in touch with a legitimate breeder increases your chances of your dog’s passing the show’s conformation standards.

Breeders of the legit line usually have references you can check. A trustworthy breeder will volunteer right away, when you interview them, their references which you can of course check - they want you to see right away they are not part of some puppy mill that’s after only profit. They will also be asking you a lot of questions, mostly about your experience in raising the Shih Tzu breed. This is understandable: the breeder wants to know if you can actually take care of the breed, and not just be able to buy them - it’s a good policy that reduces the chances of selling dogs to people who care for them in the beginning and later neglect them.

A good home includes having clean and sanitary space for the pups, a family that understands the needs of this breed, an owner with the finances to shoulder the expenses (pet bedding, quality dog food, check ups, inoculations, deworming sessions, medical procedures as needed, grooming paraphernalia, and so on), and a big heart to devote to raising the pups. All of these are vital since this breed has its own share of health problems and a personality that makes it a challenge to house train.

Grooming this small dog breed and the necessity to routinely bring it outside (or to the designated area) can take up a lot of time. So now you understand why a breeder would ask you all those questions - he wants to know if the dog or dogs will be in good hands. That choosiness and reluctance to simply earn a buck are signs you’ve found yourself a good breeder.

A boom in the popularity of toy dogs has encouraged unethical Shih Tzu breeders to take part in puppy mills to produce whatever in vogue breed is asked for. This type of breeding that cares not for the health of the produced puppies can result in unhealthy breeds. To make sure you acquire healthy pups or adult dogs from reputable Shih Tzu breeders, make sure these breeders are part of breeding circles and that they provide references you can check.

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Ten Dangerous Dog Foods Your Shih Tzu (Or Any Other Dog For That Matter) Should Never Eat

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

You may like to spoil your dog and I certainly cannot blame you. With those loving eyes who can resist? But when it comes to the food you give your Shih Tzu you need to be careful, as you can harm your dog without even knowing it. Please go through this list and make sure you don’t feed your dog any of these foods. Some of the foods may even surprise you.

Fast Foods

Pizza, hamburgers and similar foods contain a lot of dead calories. It can add a lot of kilos to your mid riff and the same is true for your dog.  A small dog like a Shih Tzu does not have to eat a lot of junk food before the extra kilograms begin to show. Even worse, once your dog takes a liking to junk food, he may want it all the time and your dog will not get all the eating these type of foods can lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition and being overweight can have serious long term consequences to your dog’s health.


The ingredient in chocolate that is toxic to your dog is theobromine. It takes roughly 150mg per kilogram of body weight for theobromine to cause a toxic reaction. Bakers chocolate is the most dangerous because it contains 390mg theobromine per ounce. Semi sweet chocolate is less dangerous with Milk Chocolate being the least dangerous. Another reason to avoid chocolate is because it has been known to cause depression in dogs.


Onions contain thiosulphate that will lead to haemolytic anaemia. It means the red blood cells actually burst while circulating in the body. Scary!


Garlic is family of onions and will affect your dog in the same way, but to a lesser extent.


The poisonous ingredient in avocado is called persin. This can be found in the Avocado leaves, the fruit, the skin and the bark. Also be careful of products containing avocado oil.

Grapes and raisins

Grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. All it takes is a small amount, especially for such a small dog as a Shih Tzu. Be careful of foods like fruitcake.


The tomato plant is the most dangerous, but tomatoes can also be fatal. Tomatoes can cause heart arrhythmias and tremors.


The most common dangerous are coffee and tea. Caffeine can cause restlessness, vomiting and heart palpitations and can lead to eventual death if an overdose occurs. Caffeine has the same effect on dogs as humans meaning it affects the central nervous system and the cardiac system.

Chicken bones

Chicken bones can splinter and cause serious damage to your dogs digestive tract. For this reason it is better to avoid chicken bones. You should rather avoid all bones that have the ability to splinter.

Dairy Products

Like humans, a lot of dogs are lactose intolerant and it is better to avoid all dairy products. Dairy products are also one of the main causes of allergies in dogs.

Now that you know what foods not to give to your dog, you may want to find out what foods you should be feeding your Shih Tzu You can find out more by visiting

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