The Dog Bark Collar Issues Aversive Stimuli

Ask someone about the Dog Bark Collar. and there is a chance to be advised not to use such cruel and inhumane type of a collar. And of course, when asked to describe these collars and how do they work, why are they so cruel and inhumane, all those people will say they never saw one and don’t even thought to test one. And if you keep asking, you’ll find out that, not only that person has no experience with this type of collars, bot neither did the person from whom they’ve heard about these cruel devices.

Powered by two small penlight batteries, the intensity of the shock delivered by these collars can under no circumstance harm a dog in any way. Dogs don’t have an understanding of electricity as we do, and if they did, a dog bark collar would prove to be ineffective. The anti bark collars work because the shock is startling the dog, not because it would produce him any pain. You can test the collar at the maximum intensity and you will see that you won’t feel any pain. The dog feels no pain, but he or she dislike the sensation given by the shock. Of course some people may argue that while the collars can’t harm a dog physically, they could perhaps harm the animal mentally or emotionally. Within a pack, the alpha dog impose his domination through different types of correction, so any dog would consider correction a natural thing.

In addition to what’s just been mentioned above, the vast majority of dogs learn to avoid any correction within just a matter of days. These intelligent animals are quickly making the association between the warning beep the collar issues and the shock that follows in seconds. The dog can bark once or twice, and if it continues, the collar warns through buzzing, and if the dog continues barking follows the shock. The shock intensity is set to increase if the dog chooses to continue barking and to ignore it the beep and the previous shock. If the dog is stubborn or stupid enough, it will experience the highiest level of correction. To the contrary, within just a few days most dogs will stop barking the minute they hear the buzzing sound.

If a dog bark collar was in any way harmful for a dog they would have long since been banned in European countries, which have some of the strictest anti cruelty laws in the world. In truth, a more successful training method doesn’t exist. Even the professional dog trainers are failing with some dogs when training them not to bark, the regular dog owners have few chances without using a Dog Bark Collar. Some people can get angry enough to listen your dog unceassantly barking and may try to poisson it. In many communities are laws that can force the owner of a dog barking in excess and at inappropriate times to give it to a dog shelter.

Electronic collars allow dog owners who really love their dogs to find a way around this problem, and they do so in a safe and humane way

Ask someone about the Dog Bark Collar. If the dog is stubborn enough, it will experience the highiest shock. There are few chances to succeed without using the Dog Bark Collar.


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