The Adjustable Dog Bark Collar

The chances are you’ll invariably hear that you should never use a Dog Bark Collar on your dog because they’re cruel and inhumane. Ask anyone of these people if they have ever tried these shocks on their own or if they have at least seen such a collar and their answers will always be no. They don’t speak out of their own experience, but they are only passing on the false information they have received from other people.

How can anyone believe that the two small penlight batteries which power the collar can deliver such an intense shock that could do any harm to the dog? Dogs don’t have an understanding of electricity as we do, and if they did, a dog bark collar would prove to be ineffective. Though these collars use aversive stimuli to train the dog, they don’t rely on any pain factor, but only on surprise. In fact, there is no pain at all, even when the most intense shock is delivered. Of course the dog won’t like the feeling of neither the beep, nor the electric shock. Opponents of the use of bark collar will continue arguing, they will say the collars may harm the dog mentally or emotionally. These people don’t know that dogs, as all animals, learn all they know from their parents and others of their kind through the corrections received when behaving wrong.

Additionally, you have to know that no dog needs more than a couple of days to learn how to avoid any correction. A good quality collar will make a buzzing sound before any electrical stimuli is delivered, and a dog quickly learns that the buzzing is followed by a very mild correction. No correction is applied at the first barks; if barking continues, a beeping sound is emitted, and if barking still continues, a mild shock is delivered. Should the dog choose to ignore the correction, the following correction will be slightly more intense, and the following, a little bit more intense. There are rare cases of dogs that continue barking long enough to receive the highest level of correction. Most of the dogs are clever enough to avoid shocks through stopping barking at the sound of the warning beep.

In European countries function the strictest anti cruelty laws in the world, but the use of the Dog Bark Collar is allowed. In truth, a more successful training method doesn’t exist. Even professional dog trainers use the dog bark collar to train dogs to reduce their over barking, but an untrained dog owner has almost no chance of success without it. Nobody appreciates a dog that never stops barking, and in fact, many dogs end up being poisoned by angry neighbors because of it. Dog owners can be forced by law to get rid of the annoying pet, and this will psychically distress both of them.

The electronic dog bark collar is a safe and humane device that can help dog owners to solve the barking problem of their beloved pets.

Some people say the Dog Bark Collar is cruel to use. They emit a warning beep followed by a startling shock. Countries with strict anti-cruelty laws allow the Dog Bark Collar use.


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