Taking Care Of Your Shih Tzu Dog

Every Shih Tzu owner wants their dog to live a long, healthy life. Fortunately, owners can add years to their dogs’ lives by following these Shih Tzu care tips.

Shih Tzu puppies should continue on the same food they received from the breeder, so be sure to ask your breeder what kind of food to get. Making gradual dietary changes will help avoid upsetting your dog’s stomach. As your dog grows, transition her from puppy food to premium food especially formulated for smaller dogs.

The best Shih Tzu diet is fresh food you cook for your dog. Simply sauté ground chicken, beef, or lamb, stir in cooked brown rice, and serve-your dog will love it! Small pieces of cooked meat or vegetables are perfect to feed as dog treats. Avoid rawhides and pig ears, as these foods are hard to digest and may damage your dog’s digestive system.

The key to making Shih Tzu care easy is to keep up with maintenance chores. Therefore, your dog’s eyes, ears, mouth, feet, and coat should be regularly inspected for problems.

Watch the eyes for excessive watering or redness. Keep the hair around your dog’s eyes trimmed, or tie the hair up away from the eyes with a ribbon to keep the eyes from getting irritated. Clean your dog’s ears using cotton balls dipped in a cleaning solution you can get from your veterinarian. Report any redness or bleeding to the vet.

Shih Tzus are instantly recognizable by their long, flowing coats. The best way to ensure that your Shih Tzu’s coat remains free from mats and snarls is to brush your dog every single day. This can be a pleasant task for you and your dog if you use “lap time” to brush your dog. Shih Tzus love to spend time sitting quietly in their masters’ laps. Simply keep the dog brush close to your favorite chair, and your dog will think the brushing routine is just another way you shower her with attention.

Every dog needs veterinary care, and the Shih Tzu is no different. However, small dogs tend to have fewer health problems than larger dogs, and if you have owned large breeds before, you may be pleasantly surprised by how easily your Shih Tzu health will be to maintain.

Choosing the right veterinarian is the first challenge. If you’ve had pets before, then you probably already have a vet. If you don’t, then the best way to find a reliable vet is to talk to your friends, co-workers, and family members who have pets and find out who they use for veterinary services. You should be able to develop a short list of really good vets this way. Choose the veterinary clinic closest to your home, and make sure the clinic is open for business during hours that are convenient for you.

Take your new Shih Tzu to the vet for a health inspection as soon as you get it. Your vet will diagnose any health conditions, will make sure your dog has all the required vaccinations, and will set your dog up on a schedule of regular health checks.

Rebecca Simpson, a native of Hong Kong, wrote a graduate thesis on the influence of dogs on recent Chinese royal culture. The Shih Tzu is as well known for its delightful personality as it is for its long, flowing coat. Shih Tzu information can be found online, at public libraries, and from breeders.

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