Special Tips for Shih Tzu Training

Affectionate, energetic and loyal - these are just some words that can best describe a shih tzu. However, a common misconception about this breed is that the dog is arrogant, yappy and demanding. Like any other four-legged furry friend, a shih tzu’s temperament will depend a lot upon the amount of shih tzu training it receives.

A shih tzu, also known as a Chinese Lion dog and a Chrysanthemum dog, is a breed that weighs around 8.8 to 16 pounds or 4 to 7.25 kilograms. Originating from China, they are famous for their long silky hair characterized by a soft double coat. Their short muzzles and deep large dark eyes are just some of the qualities that have made this breed well-known all over the world. Traditionally, the coat reaches the floor. This requires a brushing routine everyday to avoid tangles.

Contrary to popular belief, the shih tzu is a very intelligent creature and a capable student. In fact, with some patience and diligence, shih tzu training will prove to be beneficial and advantageous not only to the owner or handler but also to the people the dog may come in contact with. Basic shih tzu training should start when the puppy is brought home. Puppy socialization should commence as soon as possible. By doing this, the dog will soon get used to children, other pets and even strangers.

When it comes to this breed, house training or potty training can prove to be time consuming and frustrating. The good news is that it can be achieved quickly if the owner sticks to a solid potty training schedule. Take the dog outside after eating, drinking, upon waking up, before bedtime and every 2 hours throughout the entire day. Taking the dog to the same spot every time helps them in making the association that this is the place where they should do their business because they can smell their scent there.

This clever breed can learn basic commands such as “come,” “sit,” and “stay.” Knowing these commands will keep the dog well-behaved and it will also improve the relationship between the canine and the owner. Keep in mind that your training should only involve positive reinforcement, which consists of treats, pats and praises. There should be no scolding, yelling or slapping.

All in all, a shih tzu is the perfect dog for those who want a small, sturdy and strong dog. In addition, it is great for those people who have busy schedules and are constantly entertaining guests and visitors. This is because this breed does not need much outdoor exercise and tends to be less noisy than other toy breeds.

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