Advantages Of An Automatic No Bark Collar

Barking is dogs’ natural way of communication, just like crying is the only way that babies have to communicate; but even mothers know that there are situations where crying is not appropriate; the same happens with dogs. The BC-50 automatic no bark collar is just the item you need.

The dog: Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are man’s best companions. Through their love and actions, they earn a place in our families hearts. However, sometimes our four-legged friends are a bit overly excited. When this happens, our best friends can start to bark more than we would like them to. Never fear, the BC-50 that works is here.

Innotek’s BC50

This automatic no bark collar is one of Innotek’s greatest innovations. That’s because it really stops barking in a humane way, in fact it’s been PetSafe approved. The BC-50 is strapped onto your dog’s neck and is worn for specific periods during the day. It only requires one 6V battery and it is quite a small and ergonomic unit, so it’s pretty light. There aren’t remote controls or switches as the collar functions automatically whenever your dog barks. You can have your pooch wear it in the park, at home, or anywhere else, rain or shine. That’s because the BC-50 is water proof.

The BC-50 is great for training your dog. The collar is meant to make dogs stop barking only at inconvenient times. Depending on your dog’s temperament, with a little time he/she may actually be very well-mannered, even without the assistance of the BC-50.

Why Innotek?

From the very beginning, we have used every single product we make with our own pets. That includes the BC 50 bark collar. The collar surpassed every expectation when tried out. That’s why we recommend you try it on your pet with guaranteed results.

Simply put, Innotek’s BC-50 automatic no bark collar gets the job done, without hurting your best friend in any way. It’s a humane and effective tool. We have also tested it at home, so we can guarantee it.

The BC-50 actually works and stops excessive barking. We guarantee it because we have tested it on our pets first. Innotek’s automatic no bark collar is one of the company’s best products.

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