A Dog Training Shock Collar for Managing Your Dog

If you want to use a Dog Training Shock Collar as part of dog training, there are some important things you need to know. The majority of people have an incorrect idea about how a shock collar works.

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still A Rose

But a “shock collar” isn’t necessarily as bad as it sounds. Although the term “shock” is an unpleasant word that may cause a misconception, like touching electric lines kind of experience, in reality the shock generated by the collar is pretty small. The electric shock that is generated by the collar is based on static electricity principles, much like the kind when you rub your comb against a woolen jumper. So, most people choose to call the device “electric collar” or “remote collar”.

Where Does It Come From?

We humans know that the collar will be giving the mild shock to the dog when he misbehaves. But you want your dog to believe the shock he gets when he does an undesired behavior is happening because he misbehaved – and to not realize that the dog training shock collar did it. It is recommended to make the dog wear the collar for some time, while the owner is playing with him and petting him, so the animal will not develop any negative association with the collar. Later on, when the training process begins, the dog will not connect his new experiences with having the collar on.

Avoid Hurting Your Dog

Some dog owners think that it is best to use a strong shock to send a strong message to the dog. Nevertheless, it is always better to try doing the opposite. Use the lowest setting on the remote initially, and only raise the intensity level if the dog is unresponsive to the stimulation. How do you know if the dog is responsive? Watch for anything that can signal changes in the dog’s behavior. Those may include the signs like a slight head turn, an ear or body movement, and so on. But these signals do not include excessive barking or signs of panic. Those are the signs of using too high a degree of electric pulse on the Dog Training Shock Collar

There are important things to remember when using a Dog Training Shock Collar. The shock isn’t as bad as you might think, but don’t overdo it. Learn more about your Dog Training Shock Collar and introduce it in a way that the dog won’t realize the shock came from the collar.

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