what is a cute puppy name for a boy and girl Shih Tzu?

i just adopted two Shih Tzus one boy and one girl and they both need names. matching names would be good.

i would name her Chanel (shuh-nel) and him Gucci .

i named my lil boy yorkie Caden . =]

good luck with ur lil furballlsssss , LOL !! =D

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  1. Bronti14 says:

    How about Bonnie and Clyde?????
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  2. Fortune_Cookie says:

    Pepper and Ginger
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  3. yeppitsashly says:

    Murphy and Muffy
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  4. !~I'm yours Lord~! says:

    i wouldn't go to maching bc the may get confused.. how bout

    sophie and max

    ambercrombie for the girl and call her abby and fitch for the boy..

    muffy and toby

    louie and lexi
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  5. tara says:

    don't name them anything that sounds the same, could be confusing to your new puppies.
    Jack and Jill (maybe)
    best of luck, you'll be busy with 2 little pups!!
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  6. somber_imperfection says:

    Well, Shih Tzus are either Chinese or Japanese decent so try picking names with those origins..such as…

    Girls (Chinese) http://www.babynames.com/Names/search_result.php

    Boys (Chinese)

    Girls (Japanese)

    Boys (Japanese)

    I would have typed them all out for you, but by then those dogs would have aged 5 years lol sorry..but I hope those links help
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  7. Talinka says:

    Sally and Sam

    Saddy and Sable

    Maria and Marco

    Angel and Ace

    Adela and Aron

    Delilah and Dago

    Diane and Dallas

    Daja and Baja

    Tabatha and Tony

    Talla and Tommy

    Hagen and Hally and Hudson

    Honey and Hank

    Rachel and Rascal

    Baby and Babe

    Puff and Poof

    Raina and Raja

    That is all I can think of. I got most of the names from this site. Try it!


    Good luck!
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  8. kingsley says:

    Go to… http://www.princesspet.com scroll down to puppy names and you will have 100's to chose from. Also you can go to: http://www.puppyfind.com and put in Shih Tzu on the search line and most all of their puppies are given names. Find one that looks like your baby and there you have it.
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  9. leo87 says:

    Bonnie & Clyde
    Romeo & Juliette
    PB & Jelly
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  10. drama_x0x_queen says:

    i would name her Chanel (shuh-nel) and him Gucci .

    i named my lil boy yorkie Caden . =]

    good luck with ur lil furballlsssss , LOL !! =D
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  11. Dionne says:

    Duke and Duchess
    Fred and Ginger
    Betty and Barney
    Hersey and Kisses
    Hugs and Kisses
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Cotton and Gin
    Twinkle and Sparkle
    Stars and Stripes
    Blue and whitey
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  12. Megan says:

    Barbie and Ken.
    Mickey and Minney.
    Adam and eve.
    Fred and Wilma
    Homer and Marge.
    Gomez and Morticia.
    Pebbles and Bam bam.
    Superman and Lois.
    Daddy Warbucks and Annie.
    Danny and Sandy.
    Peter (pan) and Tink (erbell)
    Sonny and Cher.
    Tarzan and Jane.
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  13. bonsbebe says:

    Choo Choo and Co Co
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