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How old does each Shih Tzu have to be to breed?

Monday, May 13th, 2013

I have a female Shih Tzu who’s about 2 years old.. My friend has a male Shih Tzu that’s about half a year. I realize that the male should grow a while, and that the female does have to be bigger than the male, but what age does the male have to be around for them to breed?
Most of your guys need to calm down.
I’m obviously not going to put the dogs in one room and say hey get pregnant and have puppies a few months later. Sorry I’d rather not ask Yahoo answers the complete process of dog pregnancy, so don’t call me a freaking dog abuser, because my family does realize the costs and risks of this. You activist can be horribly irritating, I asked one question.

The female doesn’t have to be bigger than the male, both parents should be at least 2 years old (3 is better), but I suggest you not do this.

There are a lot of great animals out there, but most of them are pet-quality animals. There are hundreds of thousands of pet-quality animals that get put down everyday because there isn’t enough space in shelters for them. And the litter you bring into the world could end up in a shelter, force an older dog to be put down to make room, or keep someone from adopting from a shelter.

So, as amazing as I’m sure your dog is, I really, truly hope you think all the way through the next 50 years before you do this. Your dog’s puppies will have puppies who will then have puppies. In just a few short years, your dog could have been responsible for hundreds of puppies and dogs being put down.

Also, there are a lot of things to consider before breeding your dog. Breeding costs a lot of money, both the care of the mother and the care of the puppies until they are rehomed. Your dog could have a lot of trouble with the pregnancy and could lose every puppy, as well as her own life. An emergency C-section can cost several thousand dollars and there’s no way to know in advance if your dog will need one or not. The vet bills to make sure your dog is progressing correctly through the pregnancy will be a hundred dollars per visit. And the tests you should have done on both the mother and father to ensure there are no genetic problems to worry about will also be very expensive. You should also find a breeding mentor to call when you have questions or your dog is struggling.

So, unless you’re prepared to shell out $5000 for this process, to ensure safety for the mother and the puppies, I’d get your dog spayed.

My shih tzu may have a stye on his lower eyelid but i am not sure.?

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

At first i thought that might be an eye infection but today he got a haircut and i can now see that he has a little bump on his lower eyelid (left eye) and when i try to see or talk to him he squints his eye. Im really scared that it might be something more serious and i honestly cannot afford a visit to the vet right now ( but i will take him no matter what!) i was just wondering if anyone can help me out with some home remedies or if i can buy some eyedrops and what kind of eyedrops. Please and thank you!

If you’ve ever had a stye, you know that they hurt. IF your dig has a stye, leave it alone and it should get better on its own.

If it gets bigger or changes in color or shape, go see the vet right away.

What Type of hair cut would a schnau-tzu get at a groomers?

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Hi, I have a schnauzer shih tzu mix female and I havent brought her to the groomers before, but I want to know what type of haircut would look good on her? She looks sorta like a schnauzer but with shorter eyebrows lol. and shes black and white!:D

its a mongrel.. it can be groomed however you want. If it looks more like a schnauzer, then a schnauzer cut is probably best