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How do I stop my two older dogs from peeing and pooping in the house?

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

I need help! I have a male shih tzu (Henry) who is 7yrs old. I’ve had him since he was a puppy and i thought trained him well. About 6mths ago my boyfriend and I adopted a female shih tzu (Maggie) who is 5yrs old and was rescued from a puppy mill. I knew Maggie wasn’t trained, but I absolutely fell in love with her and so started letting her sleep on our bed (which Henry has been doing for years now too) that was a big mistake! She absolutely destroyed our carpet with the number of accidents she had in the middle of the night, and to make matters worse I’m pretty sure Henry started making some of the accidents also.
I don’t know what to do. We now have two dogs, who are no longer puppies but who still have accidents in the house.
To make matters worse still Henry has severe anxiety disorder and needs to be by my side at all times or he goes crazy, peeing in the house and ripping up carpet.
I know crate training is the best way to train a puppy but I’m terrified of putting them in crates because Maggie spent the last five years in nothing but a crate and Henry hasn’t had to be in a crate since he was a puppy, plus i think he may hurt himself trying to get out (especially if he thinks i’m somewhere in the house still). We have been confining them to our front hall (about 4′ x 7′) and they seem to be okay (we’ve been doing that now for a few months), I thought since they haven’t had an accident in a while we could give them a little more room, the first day was a disaster! I need help…I don’t know what to do and I absolutely love my dogs to pieces and don’t want to do anything that would harm them emotionally or physically.

dogs have big brain, trained them, its difficult at first , little by little they will slowly learn where they can pee.

I have what’s thought to be a shih-tzu /yorkie mix.How long do you think the hair may get?

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Both shih tzu’s and yorkie’s are known for long hair. Some show dogs have their’s down to the floor! My suggestion, buy a good comb and keep the dog brushed out! If not it will get matted and have to be shaved to the skin (it’ll look like a rat). When the pup is about 4 months old have it bathed at a groom shop so it gets used to the people and place. Afterwards it’ll need a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks. And brushed once or twice a week.

What famous people own shih tzu’s?

Friday, April 19th, 2013

The shih tzu is a popular breed of dog. I wondered what famous people own a shih tzu as a pet? I’d like to know of anyone in yahoo answer’s who owns a shih tzu also. And what do you feed your shih tzu? I cook chicken and long grain rice for mine.

Brooke Shields (whose Tzu was trained by the famed celebrity dog trainer, Captain Haggerty.
? Elizabeth Taylor (actress of National Velvet)
? Jean Harlow - "Pretty Poison", both of whom appeared in the pages of The Shih Tzu Reporter magazine’s September/October 1979 issue (I wonder what became of her Tzu when Ms. Harlow died tragically…)
? Cloris Leachman (actress, ‘Phyllis’ of "Mary Tyler Moore" & Miss America (Chicago) 1946 runner-up) - one of her Tzus was tragically run over by a vehicle right on Cloris’ driveway of her home.
? Jane Seymour (actress)- "Suki" (or "Souki"?)
? Helene Udy (of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman TV series) - "Sadie"
? Zsa Zsa Gabor (who, in 1993, donated $2,000 to the Shih Tzu Fanciers of Southern California (STFSC) rescue group)
? Betty Buckley (as "Abby" of Eight Is Enough TV series and currently on Broadway) - "Jesse" (who shares Betty’s stage performance!) & "Bridget" & "Gemma"
? Pearson Marx (author of "On the Way to the Venus De Milo") - "Isabelle"
? Larry L. King (author of "The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public") - "Bandit" & "Buster"
? Betty White (TV’s Golden Girls, Mary Tyler Moore) - "Panda", a black/white rescue
? Jacinda Barrett (MTV’s The Real World series) - "Legend"
? Shirley Jones (Partridge Family) - "Lulu" on The Pet Shop cable-TV series, a rescue
? Andie MacDowell (model & actress) - "Lollipop"
? Kim Basinger (actress)- 7(!) Tzus
? Brandy Norwood (teen singer & actress "Moesha") - "Feather"
? Yul Brynner (actor)
? Oleg Cassini (fashion designer) - "Mr. Flinton" & "Maximillian" a white/tan
? Phyllis Diller (comedienne) - "Fang"
? Queen Elizabeth of England - "Choo Choo"
? Dalai Lama (Tibetan religious leader)
? Robert A.F. Thurman (director of Tibet House and father of actress Uma Thurman (nominee for best actress at the Academy Awards for Pulp Fiction))
? Greg Maddox (pro football player) - 2 Tzus
? Bill Gates (billionaire founder of Microsoft)
? Geri Halliwell ("Ginger" of the British teeny bop all-girl group Spice Girls) - "Ginger" (apt., and yes, her Tzu is cinnamin-colored!) & "Harry" (see Geri holding Harry for the front cover of New Woman / June 2001 magazine and also at play: "Harry’s saved my life. I got him at a shelter and he sleeps with me and I squeeze him and cuddle him. I was a bit lonely and now I’ve got Harry. I totally recommend a dog!")
? Vidal Sassoon (hairdresser to the celebs) - 2 black/white Tzus- "They’re the only Shih Tzus with geometrical haircuts, " he quips.
? Mary Jo Slater (MGM studio V.P. as casting director of Showtime cable’s The Outer Limits; also, mother of actor Christian Slater (Heathers, Pump Up the Volume, Broken Arrow) - "Chan" (who appeared in Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)
? Tatiana Patitz (internationally top model)- 1 Tzu w/ black mask
? Jo-Carroll Dennison (Miss America 1942) - "Tooey"
? Hanson (teen singing group-3 blond brothers) - "Wicket"-R.I.P.
? Lara Flynn Boyle (Twin Peaks, The Practice)- appeared on TV’s Rosie O’Donnell Show, where she quoted her tiny Tzu pup as being ‘wall-eyed’ because they look like they’re staring at the wall.
? Henry Fonda (actor of On Golden Pond) - 1976 ad
? Joy Behar (TV’s The View) - seen in People magazine (11-12-01, p. 120) holding a Tzu.
? Frank Sinatra (ol’ blue eyes crooner)
? Maurice Gibb (British musical group the BeeGees) - "Brownie"
? Sally Kirkland (Oscar-winning actress of Anna) - "Shiva"
? Ali Landry (Miss USA 1996 (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)), Doritos commercial girl) - "Cosmo" (who was seen on an episode of The Sharon Osbourne Show w/ Ali together)
? Margherite "Peggy" Guggenheim - several Tzus
? Victoria Principal (TV’s Dallas as "Pam Ewing")
? Amelia Kinkade (primarily animal communicator & model/actress/dancer in MTV rock videos & niece of actress Rue McClanahan of TV’s The Golden Girls)- "Hercules"
? Jerry Lewis (comic actor partnered with Dean Martin & telethon host)- "Lady" & "Jolie"
? Vanessa Williams (former Miss America and singer/actress)- "Sebastian"
? Jeff Gordon (professional racer)- Tzu mix
? Jewel Kilcher (poet singer from Alaska) and also featured in Sept. 20, 2004 p. 160 of People magazine
? Nicole Richie (adopted daughter of singer Lionel of the Commodores and the 2nd half of the spoiled-rich girls on reality TV’s The Simple Life 2)- "Honey Child"
? Paula Deen (Georgian restauranteur of The Lady & Sons and host of "Paula’s Home Cooking" on cable-TV’s Food channel)- "Otis" & "Max" (who participated in her re-marriage!)
? Anna Nicole Smith (busty Marilyn Monroe-esque model/actress)- "Puppy"
? Beyonc? Knowles (singer and member of Destiny’s Child)- "Munch-Munch"
? Kay Ballard (actress of TV’s Mothers-in-Law w/ Eve Arden)- 2 Tzus
? Fantasia Barrino (contestant singer of TV’s American Idol)- "Diva"
? Annemarie Lucas (supervisory special investigator at New York City-based ASPCA and star of Animal Planet cable-TV’s Animal Precinct)- "Phoebe", a Yorkie/Tzu mix (‘Benji-faced w/ designer dog body’). Annamarie and a severely neglected b/w Tzu (not Phoebe) were seen in a TV commercial for ASPCA.
? Kevin Aucoin (make-up artist to celebrities)- "Nikki" & "Alex"
? Eileen Fulton (soap TV’s As the World Turns)- "Simone Signoret" & "Sir Laurence Olivier"
? David Hasselhoff (TV’s Baywatch)- "Rusty"
? Diane Lane (actress in A Little Romance and Unfaithful)- Chihuahua-Tzu mix (shorthair)
? TV’s Judges Jerry and Judy (Sheindlin)

for more extensive list, here>

What genetic characteristics qualify a Shih Tzu as blue?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

I adopted a Shih Tzu from his second home at 1 1/2 years old. This is not a breed I have any experience with. I was told when I adopted him that he’s a blue Shih Tzu and this is supposedly a rare mutation? I’m curious to know if anyone knows what this means. The only differences I see that would set him apart from a "normal" Shih Tzu is that his eyes are gold rather than dark brown and he has a severe sensitivity to light. He cannot see after dark. If he’s in a dark room he won’t walk even if he knows where he is until I turn a light on. Same way with stairs. He also has several big, dark blue spots on the back of his tongue. He’s just 3 years old and a real love.

To those of you who are posting questions here…….if you don’t know what’s wrong with your dog, please take it to the vet. If you have to post questions about breeding your dogs, please don’t. It’s neither lucrative or in the best interest of your pet and if you have to ask questions about breeding on this forum you don’t have the experience required to breed. Please do everyone a favor, your pet included, and spay and neuter your pets.


A dog may be registered as blue or liver because of the pigmentation of the dog’s skin…not the coat color. Blue and liver Shih Tzu dogs lack black pigmentation.

The pigmentation will be where the color is most obvious: the eye rims, nose, paw pads, etc.

Blue dogs will have a charcoal color.

Liver dogs will have brown that will vary from very pale to a deep dark chocolate.

A dog will be registered with the AKC as a "liver" or "blue" because of the pigmentation of the skin, but the coat can be solid white, a cream color, red, dark chocolate brown, etc.

Blue is a very rare color. Quite often this hue is misunderstood and for good reason. A Shih Tzu of just about any color may have a shade of blue on the skin of their body. This often leads one to assume that this is proof that the dog is indeed blue. However, according to official guidelines, only if blue is present on the nose, will the dog actually be blue.

How do I train a misbehaving shih tzu?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

I have a specific question about my 1 1/2 year old female shih tzu.

My husband and I adopted her when she was a puppy. We haven’t had many problems raising her until recently.

My husband went away on a business trip for 3 months. Just as she did before he left, Lilly (our shih tzu) would sleep with me. She would wake up with me whenever I got up (anywhere from 5am-10am) without barking to be let out or asking for attention.

Now that my husband has returned, she barks constantly every morning around 5-6am until we get up with her. Nothing else will stop her unless we put her in the other room (and she’ll continue barking there, which is a problem since my friend is staying with us). She has plenty of food, water, and toys available for her. She doesn’t have to go to the bathroom either.

What has changed her behavior so drastically? She never used to do this before he left! And more importantly, how do we correct her behavior??

Thanks for your time!!

She’s likely struggling with the readjustment of your husband being home. 3 months is a LONG time for a dog, especially such a young one.

The best thing you can do for her is be patient. Your husband should spend extra time with her to rebuild their relationship (because clearly it’s suffering). Take her on a LONG walk right before bed, or (if the weather is bad) play with her until she is absolutely exhausted. That should help her settle and sleep all the way through the night.

Also, consider giving her a bone to chew on in the mornings. She may just be bored and lonely with you guys sleeping. So, when she does wake you up, get her to be quiet for a few moments and then give her the bone. And when you and your husband do decide to wake up for the day, put the bone away where she can see it or get at it until the next morning.

Will dogs that were taking away from there mothers a little after birth know there mother a year later?

Monday, April 1st, 2013

I have a 1 year old pitbull that hasn’t seen his mother since he was a few months old. My dogs mother lives with my aunt. Today I went to visit my aunt with my dog, and his mother her were barking. He was pulling trying to get to her. The mother was fenced in a backyard. Do you think the mother sense that’s her child, does my dog sense that’s his mother?

Yes, my Shih-tzu recognizes her pups when she sees them again, the last pup was 9 mo. old when she came here for me to give her a haircut and my dog hadn’t seen her since she left here at 10 wks, and she still remembered her. She was so excited and was trying to get the pup to play with her, and she normally doesn’t act this way with dogs she doesn’t know.

I also had another little guy that I had to go pick up from the family that had adopted him because due to circumstances they just couldn’t keep him, he was 5 mo old at the time I went and got him from them. I had found another home for him and had gone with his new owner to go pick him up, at first he didn’t recognize me - he barked and tried to bite (they hadn’t socialized the little guy at all) I wasn’t afraid of him and just went over and grabbed him, as soon as I picked him up he realized who I was and his tail started going and he started giving me kisses :o) My neighbour (who owns him now) was so happy I went with him to pick the pup up because he said he didn’t know what he would’ve done had I not been there seeing how the pup was acting when we first got there. The pup now has a great home and he is no longer afraid of people, we worked on getting him socialized and he has grown into a lovely little dog.

So yes, I do believe some dogs do remember - at least my Shih-tzu do