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How do I make my Shih Tzu stop biting me when Im grooming her?

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Should I buy a muzzle?


1. The brush is the wrong type and is causing pain.

2. Her fur is matted and pulling a brush through it hurts. Give her a bath and/or a haircut.

3. The dog has a skin condition or injury that is causing pain when you brush her.

4. She just doesn’t like being brushed (unlikely as most dogs like attention)

If you cannot solve the problem, consult with a vet. A muzzle will probably cause her to fear grooming even more as she will associate the muzzle with pain.

When should I start grooming my shih tzu?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

He’s 9 weeks old!

As soon as you can…the sooner you start the better off they will be. Getting use to grooming is a process. Remember your first haircut? Or your first anything for that matter. Learn where he likes to be brushed and where he doesn’t. And pay special attention to these sensitive areas, and gradually you’ll be able to run across these areas with no trouble at all. Use his favorite treat as a reward, making sure he knows he is behaving. This is a special time to bond with your dog, and he’ll learn that. All your attention is on him, just the way they like it! And you can bathe your dog no more than once a week, if you really have to just use something mild, like a puppy shampoo. Its ok to use it on adult dogs too for really stinky or dirty times. It won’t dry their skin out if is a mild and gentle shampoo like puppy shampoo is. Its a myth that you should rarely bathe your dog. Show dogs are bathed weekly and are in fantastic condition. Bathe to your hearts content. The key is to brush often (daily for long haired dogs) to keep the natural oils distributed in the coat. The other key is to rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly. It is wise to invets in a Just when you think you got all the shampoo out rinse again. Put the nozzle to the shower or hose right up to the dogs skin, and look for the water to change to clear to see when the shampoo is all out. A dog with a clean, healthy coat feels better and is healthier. It is worth investing the time to make your dog comfortable with the process, and keeping it regular, every 6 weeks depending on the coat. They are all different just like us humans. I am a part-time Pet Groomer, and have offered you the best info. I know of possible free of charge. But hey, at least I get 2 points…vote for me! Hope I was able to help! Good Luck with your puppy and have fun! :)

My shih tzu needs his hair cut. But I can’t get him into the groomer for a month! What is the best way to do

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

it at home? How do I make him stand still and not freak out on me?

It’s easy to cut dog’s hair. Just remember that the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is three weeks. So if he looks like a lawnmower attacked him, it will pass in three weeks. My vet comforts owners with those words all the time.

You can use scissors or clippers. Just be sure to get his tushie well. And don’t cut him. Just cut the hair. If you keep it longer,you will be less likely to hurt him.

How to take care of a dog and what breed thats small and doesnt shed much?

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

My mom would buy me a dog but ill have to care of it but i dunno how!! ive never had any pets before and i want a small dog thats good for children and that doesnt shed much. please help. thanks
I’ve had a turtle before but it passed away.

1st you should check out your local shelter. You can meet the dog, judge it’s personality, talk to workers about it, and maybe save it’s life. You would not believe how many small, pure bred dogs are in shelters these days due to the economy.

Now cats are easier for a first pet - but if you’re sure you want a dog and it has to be small. Shih-tzu’s shed very little, they aren’t as fragile as Chihuahua’s, they are smart - but stubborn so house training can take a little longer (although I’ve found that with almost all small dogs). They are furry and soft and look like a puppy for most of their lives (keep them trimmed in a short, puppy-cut haircut).

As for the small dog care. Vet visits, flea treatments (all dogs in Michigan need flea prevention), grooming if you don’t do it yourself, my dog doesn’t eat a ton of food (like my previous big dogs did), treats for training and praising, toys (they love to play…) water (obviously, lol), and lots of love and attention - we also bought a crate & a baby gate for ours for times we are not home or at night. You could train yours to sleep with you, we just didn’t want to worry about not waking up to let her out at night…

Good Luck

What are the best clippers to cut the coat of a shih tzu dog.?

Friday, March 8th, 2013

As we all know the shih tzu dog has a tough coat.. What is the best clippers? I also would like to know the number for the blades I would need.. I like to keep her body short, but her legs fluffy. Eyes scooped out and head cut short as well.. What will I use to get the hair from inbetween the pads and what would I use for the tush area.. Gotta keep a clean boo boo…lol

If you want to do it yourself and skip a groomer - that is no problem you will save plenty of money. try a WAHL clipper they have many they can take care of a tough coat. A normal pet clipper with a guard combs really wont hurt at all any where it is like a haircut on your head. try something like - That is what I use on my bijon.

You know any site about shih tzu haircuts?

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Can you suggest any website over the Internet that shows different haircuts and hairstyles for the shih tzu WITH matching pictures?? Thanks!! :)

Try This And Another One Is

How do I fix my dog’s haircut?

Friday, March 1st, 2013

There is no dog groomer where I live, so I decided to learn to cut my Shih Tzu’s hair (stupid decision).
I snipped his hair short, but now it’s all jagged and uneven and I don’t want to do any more damage. He looks horrible!
Any ideas on how I can even it out?

Get your own clippers to even it out for now and you’ll just have to wait until it grows back. Scissoring should be left to the pros