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How much do shih tzu puppies grow in a week?

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

I went to see my puppy last weekend that was 9 weeks old, it fit in my hand then, and today I got a picture sent to my phone, and the puppy doesn’t even look the same (size wise). I’m wondering how much bigger can a shih tzu get in a week?!

Puppies change very quickly at that age.

Does anyone know where is a good place to buy a Shih Tzu from a breeder in Hampton, VA?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

I am looking for a Shih Tzu puppy in Hampton, VA area. I was wondering if anyone knows a great breeder that i can get a puppy Shih Tzu from looking for a male preferable. I am thinking of buying one from a place called PuppyGarden. If you know about this place let me know if I should buy from these breeders or not?

Any place called Puppygarden is a pet shop so that is an automatic HELL NO

Here is the breeder referral page from the Shih Tzu club of America

I have a friend whose dogs has fleas, what can I do to convince him?

Friday, October 19th, 2012

I have a friend whose dog has fleas, but he believes a good "scrubbing" with baby shampoo, a positive outlook, and a haircut will get rid of the fleas. I cannot convince him that he MUST not only treat his dog, but treat his whole living area, which means: wash everything the dog comes in contact with in HOT water and dry in a HOT dryer; vacuum his whole living area and treat with a product such as "Knockout ES" or other proven product; and also must give his dog a "preventative" monthly, such as Advantage, Revolution, or another of his choice. He believes "drowning" these critters will be the end of it. I don’t know where my dog got fleas from, but I just went through the whole routine I described which astounded me as my shih-tzu is treated every month, faithfully, with Frontline Plus topically (going to change the product in October) for fleas and ticks and he also receives Interceptor for worms monthly. Please send some good, solid advice to show my friend so he will know, and believe that this calls for more than a bath for his beloved pet. Thank you.

Think of fleas like bed bugs. Nasty little things. If you were to come in to contact with bed bugs, what would you do? You don’t want them living in your house, so you would bug bomb, and wash EVERYTHING. The same as if you had lice. Lice and fleas are roughly the same thing. Therefore, you’re going to need a long hot shower with Lice shampoo, a good bug bombing, and a good washing of the things you touched/slept on/etc.

Fleas are the same way. You need to give your dog a good bath with flea shampoo, grab some Advantix and apply it monthly, bomb your house to get rid of all sources of fleas, and wash whatever your dog had come into contact with. After, a good vacuuming to clean up the dead bugs and larva should be in order.

Hope this helped!

How long can a shih tzu live and how much money are they in dumb friends league?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

I wanted to adopt a cute shih tzu but it’s already 12 years old and I wanted to know how long they live and how much are they in a dumb friends league
P.S dumb friends league is where I’m adopting the shih tzu

Hi Huong—

Thank you for thinking of the Dumb Friends League to adopt your next family member! The adoption fee for dogs 1 year and older is $125. On average, the life expectancy of Shih Tzus is typically about 15 years. Health and genetics of course play a factor in that as well. We think it’s great that you’re considering adopting a senior pet—they make wonderful companions. Please feel free to contact us to speak with an adoption counselor at 303-751-5772.

Thank you,
Dumb Friends League