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Shih Tzu experts/breeders: What color is my dog?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I’m the owner of a 1 year old shih tzu. A lot of people have told me she has a rare color.
In my opinion she is light gray.( looks silver or light blue in pictures)
Is there a special name for that color?

p.s am just curious am not interested in breeding her(she’s spayed)

The color is actually called "blue". Dog coats can be solid blue, or blue ticked, or blue merle, etc. But those people were right. A blue coat is certainly not as common as other colors.
Here’s an example of a blue Shih Tzu puppy:

Edit: Also, here’s an article I found about blue coats:

Is my Shih Tzu coming in season?

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Evening all, First of all please if you are going to comment read all of the post first…

I have just got a female Shih Tzu she is 2 years old and she was born 23rd of feb 2010. she has not been done and I am going to get her spayded before anyone decides to start on that! She is pretty grumpy at times and licking herself alot!! BUT does not look swollen.
Now I got her from a breeder she NEVER bred from her as she got her in feb and has now decided to breed imperial shih tzu’s. So could she be coming into season I worry that she has already had it as the breeder has male shih tzus and french ball dog males…like i said please ready all and understand what i have put before answering. Thank you in advance x

if she is licking down there a lot it could be that she is about to come in. Get a white tissue and whipe her to see if you can see any discharge
If the breeder is now going to be breeding imperial shih tzu’s which is just a new word for non reconised colours used by people trying to sell tham as rare and would happerly get rid of her other dogs to do this they sound like someone just breeding for money so i dupt she would sell her off if she had just been in season and mated.

Your best bet is to discuss it with your vet, i know some vets dont like to spay when they are due or in season and prefur to waite half way between. You could also phone the persone you get her form and ask when she will be due in season.

Buying the right blade for a Shih Tzu haircut?

Friday, August 10th, 2012

I have two shih tzu’s (14 pounds & 20 pounds) and we usually take them to the groomers but my husband has dabbled in grooming them and been successful from time to time with our cheap trimmers. Instead of taking them to the groomers, we thought it’d be better to invest in higher quality ones and here is how I like there cut:

Short as possible without possibility for a sunburn, so longer than shaven all the way down (I don’t want skin showing). I like their paws all the way shaven because they don’t trap grass in the paws. I also like their face teddy bear but trimmed up for the teary eyed stuff and like an inch squirrel like tail. SOoo with all that knowledge..which blades do we need to accomplish that and which trimmers are the best? Thank you so much!

I would use scissors only.

What are some good names for a male shih tzu puppy?

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Hey! I got a shih tzu puppy(8 weeks) this morning, and I’m trying to think of names for him! So can you help me out?? I want a first name and a middle name! The last name is going to start with an "S"…. Thanks!

What type of food do you give a Shih Tzu puppy?

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Question explains it all. Also what toys and stuff. I’m just asking because I might be getting a Shih Tzu puppy.

I’ve always fed my dogs Orijen, even the small breeds. It’s the very best dry food I know of. It’s the only dog food that all of my dogs actually enjoy eating too.

Some other good brands are Acana Regionals, Fromm Four Star, Ziwipeak, Wysong Epigen 90, Nature’s Variety Instinct, EVO, Innova Prime, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, and Wellness CORE.

What type of cut should we do?

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

We have a Male 10-11 month old shih tzu. We are finally getting him to a groomer tomorrow. About 2-3 weeks ago we went to California for a week. Him and our border collie mix were boarded together. At the time he had lots of hair but didn’t have knots. When we got back he had a few mats that we were gonna brush out the next day, but then when we go to do it he has two large mats above both his back legs. I ended up cutting them because they looked uncomfortable. Our groomer couldn’t get him until tomorrow so we did our daily brushing but it just keeps getting worse. I have not cut anymore mats off because I didn’t want his hair to be uneven after his haircut. So my question is what kind o shave should we do? His chest has lots of small knots.. We don’t want him to look bald and please no rude comments about not keeping up with his care because we did .
We boarded them at a human society resort.. They had a little list of extras but it was like play time with other dogs stuff like that. When went to pick him up we asked if they ever brushed him and they said that was extra. They also said it was more for the coat of the dog.

Shih-tzu pups look really good in the chrysanthemum face and medium body clip. But with the mats yours has the body clip will probably have to go as short as you’ve scissored to fade in. Either way he’ll look and feel adorable after he’s all cleaned up by his groomer. Most of these little guys do. The length on his chest can go pretty short and you won’t even notice just as long as it doesn’t make him itchy. Either way with this breed of dog they’ll tell you if they like it, it’s pretty obvious either way. Cute, cute, cute when they do.

And don’t worry if the groomer has to go shorter! He’ll grow back so fast you won’t even notice it before its time to go back in.

My parents have owned shih-tzus for as long as I can remember and their current little guy prefers his coat pretty short. He looks real sleek and shiny when he comes out, you can tell he loves it he’s all wiggly and proud!

What does the kennel say about the situation? Couldn’t they have brushed him and why didn’t THEY notice the mats?? hmmm