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Female rescued Shih Tzu abandons 3.5 week old babies for many hours at a time.?

Monday, July 30th, 2012

The female is young we got her from a rescue no one knew she was pregnant. We have 4 pups with her we are caring for right now.

She leaves the pups for hours at a time like 4-5 hours easily right now without feeding or interaction. They sit in the pen without their mother. Sometimes they whine or stand up and move around. When she is with them she is showing odd behavior like she paws at them and makes then squeak/cry. She will just randomly stand during nursing sessions and knock them off of her then lay on them. I am having to supervise every session about right now.

She has been downstairs all night long. If I put her in her pen she will hop and hop at it trying to get out. She then barks and howls you can hear her clear outside if you don’t let her out. She doesn’t want much to do with her babies.

Is this normal behavior for this breed or dogs in general? I have fostered kitten litters in the past and I have not experienced anything of this sort with cats.
I am babysitting them. If they whine or cry much I put them all on my lap and hold them and pet them to sleep. It has been an all night thing and an all day thing so much my boyfriend and I are taking shifts and our children help too. We try to at least enforce she feed them and will separate them one by one for feeding sessions if she tries to just be evil and squish them or paw on them or bark crazily in the pen.
Thank you so much Cookie! I have mom on Innova Puppy and will put the pups on it right away too and try it out. I didn’t know she’d regurgitate food she has not done that at all though. They turn 4 weeks on Wednesday. I am keeping one of the four I bonded a lot with her. I had to cut her cord, remove her sack because she was the first and mom just licked herself ignoring the pups until number 2 she caught on. She is just too young under a year for sure vet guessed when we got her she was 7 months and 9 months by the time she had the pups.

This is absolutely normal behavior, however being young the dam doesn’t have the instinct right yet.
She is instinctively trying to wean them without really knowing how to do it. You have to do it for her. A seasoned female will regurgitate food for her puppies letting you know it’s time to separate babies and Mom. I have weaned all my litters between 3 and 4 weeks.
At this point, you need to start feeding the pups. Get a good quality puppy kibble, soften it in some warm water (not milk of any kind as puppy kibble has plenty of calcium) and using a pie pan, simply put some of the food in the puppies mouths from your finger, then place them around the pie pan and let them eat. At first it will be funny, they will walk in it and make a real mess, but after a couple of days they will be seasoned eaters and on their way.
Mom may check in with them occasionally, but will probably refuse to feed them and this is as it should be.
They should be fed 4 times a day until 12 weeks, then 3 times a day until six months, then twice a day for life. Keep the food real soft until you see they are handling it well, then gradually use less and less water .
That is how I have always weaned my litters.

Is my shih tzu an imperial one?

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

My shih tzu is now 15 weeks old and he weighs 3.7 pounds. i read some stuffs on some websites that this size will eventually fall to the "imperial" shih tzu. idk about it but is he an imperial?

Shih Tzus are just a standard breed and size. There is no such thing as an imperial Shiz Tzu

How to rid of staining on a Shih-Tzu mix?

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

My fiance and I adopted a female Shih-Tzu/Maltese so her body is mostly white with colouring only to her head and grey speckle dots down her back. Ive been noticing she gets stained on her arms and staining around her privates (Its a brownish sort of stain),
What are some really good products to use? Is it possible to get rif of the staining with natural solutions?

You can get a product called Angel Tears, and whitening shampoo used by people who show their dogs. They are available from Amazon.

Angel tears

Petsmart refuses to groom my dog?

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

At 10 weeks my shih tzu started petsmart dog training and the trainer said we better start taking him to get groomed every 2 weeks so he gets used to it. The first time he got his hair cut our vet did it and said he’s a sweetheart. Then at petsmart they said he had a horrible attitude! We’ve taken him every 2 weeks and he’s now 5 months. Our trainer recommended a groomer who we then tried and she said he bit her and refused to finish his cut even though she charged us the full 50. He had the same lady this time and bit her again and she told us he’s not allowed back. But he never bites anyone…. She said we should take him to the vet to get him sedated for haircuts. Seriously? He’s 4 pounds lol what am I supposed to do about his grooming now though? Shih tzus need to be groomed but their theory of him getting used to it wasn’t true and now he’s banned… And our vet doesn’t do haircuts except for that first time. Should we risk trying another groomer?

there is no reason to pay someone to groom your dog every two weeks, that is crazy and typical stupid advice from a place like petsmart … who benefited from that advice - petsmart did … and at only four pounds, why don’t you just do it yourself … and you might shoot higher than petsmart, both training and grooming, cuz that is like the walmart of pet care … you get what you pay for … and the groomer who charged you the full 50, well, me, personally, i would have laughed at her and walked out cuz who on earth can not control a 4 pound dog and what professional groomer does not have muzzles for snappy dogs ??? she was clearly not a professional … i think you should do it yourself … and then you can see how your dog behaves with grooming … and when the time comes that he needs an actual hair cut, call around different groomers and tell them you have had problems with other groomers saying your dog is a biter and see what their attitude is … if they are hesitant and want to know more, move on to the next groomer … you want a groomer who is going to be professional enough to handle a 4 pound dog and happily welcome him for a groom, even if they have to pull out a muzzle …

My Shih Tzu is very gassy and has flaky skin. Could it be his chicken-based food?

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

I recently got a Shih Tzu from a rescue, and was told to feed him chicken-based food. I have been feeding him Purina One chicken blend for the time I have had him, and he is increasingly becoming more gassy and has flaky skin. I also know that it is common for dogs to be allergic to chicken-based things.

Can anyone who has been in this position offer a bit of help? Would lamb or salmon be better for him? Is there a brand that is comparable price-wise that I should try? I obviously don’t want to feed him crap, but I have heard so many conflicting things about dog food brands. My parents have been feeding their 11-year-old dog Beneful Playful Life for her entire life, and she is extremely healthy, yet some people tell me that Beneful is terrible for dogs. So any unbiased help would be appreciated.

**and yes, I have asked the vet and she doesn’t think he’s necessarily allergic to the food, but that the chicken may be causing the serious gas**
Okay…I get that my dog’s food is crap. That is not what the vet told me, though, which is fairly annoying. Any suggestions on a reasonably-priced alternative? Thanks!

It;s possible its the chicken, but far, far more dogs are allergic to all the grains in foods like Purina. You need to look for a grain-free food with meat as the first ingredient. If you want to switch from chicken, then do so, but its much more likely to be the grains.

Also, dogs need salmon oil in their diet for their coats and skin, even those fed a top quality food.

When you do switch foods, make sure you do it gradually (10 - 14 days) to prevent your dog from getting diarrhea.

Adopted Shih Tzu had litter of puppies this morning but is moving away from them and they cry? Advice Please!?

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

We adopted a 1 year old Shih Tzu from a rescue. She was pregnant but no one knew it. So she had puppies today on 7/2 from 11am - 2pm. There is a total of four. She nursed them up until about 2 hours ago she moves away from them. She doesn’t sit in the nesting box with them she sits near it. When I put her in she feeds them for a moment and goes back out. The puppies keep crying and stirring around looking for her. I don’t know what to do I have no experience with this. We found out she was pregnant when she went in for an exam because she kept vomiting about 4 weeks after we got her.
I have no money for an emergency vet for 4 puppies and the rescue has been touch and go with it. My vets office is closed until seven in the morning. I am scared they might not be eating enough or getting enough warmth from their mother right now, and what if she continues to distance from them?
I have an Iris 4 sided white indoor crate with no top to it but a little door she can exit in and out from and her dog bed with cardbord on the bottom of the pen to protect the floor lined with old towels.
No money making involved I refuse to get a half term dog an abortion and I never thought of asking for one. I am prolife even for animals everyone deserves a chance at life we cannot judge who dies and who doesn’t. It is not our place. I am keeping one, my mother is getting one, my sons friend is getting one, and my sister might take one. No exchange involved although I am unsure how much a bunch of brown who knows if they are mixed pet dogs will make someone twenty bucks each on Craigslist? Either way my family gets them for free. You are a very rude person and I pray you don’t breed dogs for a living or even own pets.

Get a childs play pen and put the dog and the puppies in there. Then she can’t get too far away from them. You need to encourage her to stay with the puppies.

She is just a puppy herself and her maternal instincts haven’t had the chance to kick in.

My newly rescued shih tzu bit my 3year old nephew what happens now?

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

I just adopted a 3-5 year old Shih Tzu, Teddy from the pound about 3 weeks ago. They did not say he was a biter or anything and up until now he has been very laid back,sweet and gentle to everyone. It was my fault I let my nephew play with him but the dog seemed to be very gentle with him and my nephew seemed to be pretty good with him too. However, one time Teddy was sleeping and my nephew put his face close to the his face(which he always does and makes me nervous but the dog has never even growled at him or anything before!)when he suddenly snapped at him and drew blood. I feel so horrible he had to get stiches! Is the doctor going to report it? Am I going to have to put Teddy down?

"Is the doctor going to report it?"

Depends where you live. In some places, it is the law that a doctor has to report a dog bite to Animal Control.

Chances are you won’t have to put Teddy down, but he will likely be quarantined for 10 days to see if he develops rabies (this is the usual precaution). And you found out the hard way why kids should NEVER be left alone with any dog. From now on, the nephew stays away from the dog. And your sister/brother should teach their child NEVER to stick his face close to the face of a dog again.