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Shih-tzu, Imperial Shih-tzu, Chinese Imperial Shih-tzus?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

What is the difference in all of these? Or are they just different names? Ive been searching for shihtzu puppy breeders and i keep seeing these names.

Breeders using the term "Imperial Shih Tzu" are backyard breeders breeding dogs outside the breed standard. Stay well away.

what is the difference between a Chinese Imperial Dog & a Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu Dog?

Monday, May 28th, 2012

both are scam names used by puppy millers and back yard breeders to sell sickly runt undersized Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus come in ONE size only.. there are no "minis" "teacups" "toys" "micominis" "imperials" or any other size.

Can an imperial Shih Tzu mate with a standard size Shih Tzu?

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

So, I have a 1yr and 6 month old male Shih Tzu puppy. He weighs 20 lb. A friend of mine has a 6 month old female Shih Tzu puppy which according to her is Imperial. She weighs less than 9 lb. Is it safe for them to mate or will it be dangerous to the female Shih Tzu?

The breed standard on the AKC site said that the Shih Tzu can be between 9 lbs and 16 lbs. I take this to mean that it would be possible to breed a dog that is 16 lbs with a dog that is 9 lbs safely. Anything outside of that you will probably want to check with a veterinarian. I would recommend that you have the female checked at the vet and have her cleared for breeding. Usually if you are going to breed a female dog you have to wait until at least the second heat cycle. Most kennel registries will not allow you to register the pups if the female and/or male parent is too young.

My dog chewed the fur off of his tail, it’s raw and has been bleeding, what should I do?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

My shih-tzu poodle has chewed the base of his tail raw. When we noticed, he had already chewed off all of the hair, and now the wound has gotten bigger and I can’t get him to stop licking/biting it. He has been treated for fleas and worms, and I tried an e-collar so that I could put some ointment that I got from the pet store on it, but he can still reach the afflicted area and lick the medicine off. Our groomer has been on vacation, so he’s a few weeks late for a haircut, and I noticed that the fur in this area is matted, could that have anything to do with it?

I’ve read that whenever a dog bites the base of his tail, it’s because his anal glands are clogged. The solution is really simple, just take him to the vet and the vet will take care of it. It could also be food allergies, and a vet could also let you know if that was the case.
If he’s chewed his tail to the point that it’s bleeding, then taking him to the vet is really the only solution you have, no matter what the cause is.

Dog groomers i need your help on this?

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

I have an 8 1/2 month old shih tzu puppy. I am a certified dog groomer myself (graduated in july 2011). Im not THAT experienced yet so im not sure what i should do? Im thinking of giving my puppy a haircut. I got him at 10 weeks old and i decided from there that i wold grow him out to see how he would look with long hair. he looks fantastic with long hair but i figured since summer is coming by and he has also been playing outside a lot, he gets leaves stuck to him (which i do brush him after wards) but after a while it’s going to get a tad annoying so i figured i would give him a shorter haircut for the summer but not like shaved.

I was thinking of maybe using an "E" comb on the body (which is the longest of the clip-on combs) his hair is about 4 inches long. Would that leave at LEAST 2 inches on? how much do you think it would take off. I plan on doing an "E" comb on the body and just scissor the legs to blend it in with the body.

here’s a picture of him:!/XcultofpunkX/status/180671609097564161 Obviously the one on the left
I know i really should scissor it but i don’t feel experienced enough yet to be confident to scissor him. I mean i know it’s my dog and i can make mistakes if i want but i just don’t want to do something i will regret later on.
I actually have 3 part time jobs at the moment. The dogs we get are always being shaved or just require minimal scissoring. No i was barley taught anything about real scissoring in school. I know that’s bad but yes my bosses are teaching me how to scissor and i gotten better at it. Im just afraid on how my pup will look shaved. I mean some shih tzus look so beautiful with a shortest haircut while others are really ugly. But my pup is really handsome he would probably look good either way but i don’t know.

Plus he will be swimming in the summer so that’s also why im debating whether or not i should cut his hair for the summer (and just let it grow back for the winter)

Millions of people can a coated breed properly groomed. & that coat isn’t seasonal.
Groomers can SCISSOR,not depend on clipper combs.

Would this be considered as a backyard breeder?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

They have a lady located close to me. She has around 8 shih-tzu dogs. I went out to see them, she has a room for them and the puppies. We can only have 6 dogs where I live but she might have some kind of license or something. She has all AKC dogs and they are all from champion lines she said the puppies parents are champion sired, and showed me pedigrees and showed how it says CH. before the names. She does not show her adult dogs and keeps them in a cut where the legs are long the tail is long and the head is medium like a teddy bear cut, the body is shaved close to the skin. looks like this: but they mustache was shaved too but not all the way shaved. She says she doesn’t want to put her dogs threw showing, and that she just wanted to produce show dogs. She says she payed like $3000 for some of her dogs. She sells her puppies for $1400. She has one that is spayed and she has two blue eyes she is CKC Reg she said she can’t breed her for two reasons 1.) the blue eyes 2.) does not meet conformation…i do not understand why she got that dog then if she breeds for top dogs she said she payed $1200 for her. Is she a backyard breeder or a good breeder. I am looking for a shih tzu puppy but I want alone the best. Oh also she give a puppy packet, and makes people who are not going to show/breed do limited registration for $1400 and people who are going to show/breed $2000.

Its a BYB 100%

She does no health testing no genetic testing she does not show her dogs so how can her Shih Tzu be a good example of the Breed.
So many other things wrong but wont post it all.

You need to be looking at some one that has done all the health testing and Genetic testing that also shows there dogs and the Dogs are Breed standard conformation wise.
I own a Shih Tzu i did get one From a Reputable Breeder who did all of the above but sadly he was put to sleep.
But my Breeder is a Reputable Breeder.

My shih tzu keeps on scratching and is breaking in out in sores please help!!,?

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

My 1 year old shih tzu Benny keeps on constantly scratching and shaking his ears, when he was a pup he had a very case of fleas because he is allergic to fleas and he got loads of sore but he has been treated and he was fine, he recently went to the groomer and got a very short haircut cause he got a little matted, and she plucked his ears for the first time, but the groomers was two weeks ago, since then he has come back scratching and licking his body all the time, I have given him flea treatment 3 days ago and treated my homes and it’s not working plz help, he is getting sores on his body where he is scratching and licking himself sore!

If the groomer cut his hair too short and since it sounds like he already has very sensitive skin I would really suggest finding a canine shampoo to help with the irritation. It shouldclrear right up. By the way no more flea treatment as that may be making the irritation worse.

Shih Tzu owners!!! I have questions!!!!?

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Okay so I got this little pure bred Shih Tzu puppy (at 8 weeks old now 11 weeks) and this is my first time with a small dog, before I’ve always had hounds or larger dogs that didn’t need more than a brush one a week and to be let out for potty. But I know that this little guy will be some work by things I’ve heard around the kennel. So I have a few questions…

How often should I groom him, and what are the steps for the double coat?

Is their a certain shampoo I should be using when I wash him to make his coat healthier?

When should I take him to his first haircut (grooming) by a professional, (What length should his coat be.)

What ‘cut’ should I ask for to be done, I don’t want a show dog look, lol just the ‘normal’ or most manageable cut?

How do I remove tear stains!!! This one has been getting on my nerves because the person we bought him from said to just wipe him down with a wet cloth but it hasn’t been working!!!

Please do not use peroxide as Samantha has suggested, it is too harsh if it happens to get into the eyes. Repeat, do not use peroxide near eyes at all. You can buy special tear stain pads at Petsmart or Petco that are specifically for use around the eye area. Also, your veterinarian can prescribe tetracycline capsules which will help eliminate tear staining. (No offense Samantha but peroxide is not a good choice near the eyes)
As for the shampoo, any oatmeal based pet shampoo will be less drying of the skin and promote a healthy coat without over drying the skin. (Nothing wrong with Mane and Tail but oatmeal based pet shampoos are more hydrating for the skin) Also a good quality name brand dog food with Omega 3 fatty acids will help maintain a healthy, shiny coat and skin. A good quality food is so important for the entire development of the entire body. Also feed an age appropriate dog food for proper growth and development. With dog food, you get what you pay for; if you want good health you must not cheap up on nutrition.
As for the cut, any reputable groomer will know how to do the proper cut for a Shih Tzu and they will gladly discuss a proper grooming schedule with you. Daily brushing will help de-tangle mats and I would suggest to start handling your puppy to get him comfortable with being groomed, such as massage his nails so he will be used to someone touching his nails and not be so freaked out when they have to be trimmed. Massage his ears so he will be used to his ears being touched so the groomer can trim/pluck ear hair out of ear canals (and this also makes it easier for the Vet to examine the ears without him freaking out because he is used to his ears being handled) and also ask the groomer to express his anal glands or if the groomer does not offer this service (as some do and some don’t) then have your vet express them periodically to prevent anal gland abscesses as small breed dogs tend to have problems with anal glands being full and often times at risk of abscessing.
To make his experiences at both the groomer and the vet’s office less stressful for him, please do handle ears, nails and touch him around areas that will be examined including the tummy and lifting his tail. By desensitizing him to touch he will have an easier time in both places if you start handling him gently at home.
You did not mention you were showing him and this information is tailored for proper PET ownership since your question related to that and not products that are geared towards SHOWMANSHIP which are not necessary for a healthy pet that is not in the show ring. My suggestions are helpful for you and your puppy to help your vet and groomer work towards a healthy, less stressed pet.

are shih tzu dogs particularly sick?

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

i’m interested in adopting a shih tzu, but i’m scared that since they are pure breds they will get sicker is that true?

All pure-bred dogs have breed-specific health risks, but as long as you buy form a reputable breeder you should be pretty safe.

Shih-tzus are one of the breeds often sold by puppy farmers and pet shops (if you are in a country where dogs in et shops is legal), but these will be even more liley to suffer as there has been little care when selecting the parents, Sterer clear of puppy famrers and pet shops.

Contact your local Kennel Club and ask for a list of reputable breeders with puppies ready, or due soon

My female puppy shih tzu starts growling at me!?

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

I bought Casper my male shih tzu (he is still a puppy only 3 months) and I was so happy with him and how protective he was so I decided to adopt another shih tzu to make him company while I was gone for work. She was so lovely so I named her Moni! The point is that she has never been aggressive, but since they spend time together, either Hercules or Moni listen to me! Casper was starting to be trained and he responded very well when I called his name. However, since I brought Moni his behavior has change and now neither of them come to me when I call their names and worst, the other day when I tried to pick up Moni and come back to our apartment she started growling and then she tried to bites me!!! I don’t know what to do because my other puppy never do that..what should I do? I’m scare she will bite my kids or she will not change..Can I change his behavior or she will be agressive all the time?

Obviously behavioral problems. I recommend getting professional help. Contact your veterinarian and get some suggestions for professional trainers. It’s a dominance issue and you need to be trained in how to handle this situation as well as the dogs needing training.