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Hip Dysplasia In Shih Tzus

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Shih Tzus are known as energetic, playful and has lively personality. Once you notice something strange with your Shih Tzu’s behavior, you can be sure that he is feeling something different. Is he not as active as he is used to be?

Check out because he might be suffering from hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a joint disease in animals, commonly found in dogs than in cats. Some says dysplasia is a genetic disease; some describes it as a developmental disease. Whether a genetic or a developmental disease, the fact remains that it is a disease thus something must be done to treat it.

But before taking steps in treating this disease, it is important to fully understand what hip dysplasia is. Hip dysplasia is a condition wherein there is abnormality in the hip joint of a dog. It could affect left, right or both legs. In a dysplastic hip, the ball and the socket do not fit together resulting to damaging and painful friction. Most dogs with dysplasia are born with normal hips but because of genetics and other factors, the soft tissues that surround the joint start to grow along with the puppy.

So how will you know that a dog has dysplasia? Some puppies, as young as five months old will may experience symptoms such as difficulty in rising, lameness in the back legs soreness after lying down and after heavy exercise and reluctance to jump or stand on hind limbs. The usual active and energetic Shih Tzu may now have less energy and movement. They oftentimes avoid activities that involve much movement and energy. This disease if left untreated can lead to arthritis. And as time goes by, the dog may even need assistance in getting up or worst, may cripple the dog for life.

It has been said that dysplasia is an inherited disease. Yes, dysplasia is passed on through genes and develops over time. It may not be evident at once but it can be triggered by obesity, improper nutrition and other factors as well. Not all dogs with hip dysplasia show no signs of disease. The risk is that, these dogs may be included in a breeding program thus prevention of the disease can be impossible.

This disease, as much as it can be prevented can also be treated in many ways. These treatments include pain medications, weight loss programs especially for obese dogs, controlled exercise, good nutrition and physical therapy. But if the prior mentioned treatments are found ineffective especially in worst cases, another option is surgical treatment.

Dysplasia is a disease of large breed of dogs however, medium and small sized dogs such as Shih Tzus, is not exempted from being affected with this disease of the joint. It can be passed on through genes so it is important take extra care in breeding programs.

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What should I put on a shih tzu’s skin?

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I adopted a shih tzu that was severly matted. I immediately took him to the groomers and he was shaved down but once I got him home I noticed what looks like little bruises or scratches all over the skin. I am guessing this is where the matts where but I would like to know is there anything that I can put on him to help this and is this uncomfortable for him?

yes mats are bad for the skin
i would take to vet and have checked out to make sure it is nothing but from the mats
and explain you just got and had shaved

Use the Proper Remote Training Collar

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

When you train your dog without benefitting of the services of a professional trainer, the remote training collar can be a huge help for you. You will want to keep your pet as safe as possible, and this aide can assure you that your animal is trained, and well behaved. People can teach animals the meaning of their language through different training methods, and this way are able to cope with them. You may think that training will be time consuming, and difficult, however, if you approach it in a positive manner it can fun, and easy to do.

The easiest way to train an animal is to make it enjoy this period of the day, and as your pet loves to see you pleased, show it you are happy when he or she behaves well or gets the requested task done by rewarding them through words, gestures or treats. Dogs will always need a leader, and you must constantly reaffirm your position by correcting them when they don’t behave or act in the wrong way, through using adequate measures to not affect their mental. During the entire period of your relationship with your canine companion, but especially throughout the training sessions you should combine rewards with aversive stimuli, keeping the balance between the positive and negative reinforcement training techniques.

Electronic training alongside a Remote Training Collar will often be the best way to ensure that you are getting a good balance. You need to be able to get the animals attention, and make them appreciate that what they are doing is wrong, and in some cases dangerous. These devices are also meant to provide the dog with adequate aversive stimuli that are unpleasant but not painful. There are several different systems that can be used that have proved to be very effective, and can help with all elements of your animal training.

As your canine companion will learn proper behavior, both the dog and the animals he contacts will be safe and sound. You will no more need fences or long leaches to keep your dog from wandering alone on the streets or in your neighbors’ yards. These curious animals would be preoccupied to investigate any unknown place, thing or animal and can be harmed or harm the livestock of some neighbor, causing in the mean time a lot of trouble to their owners. Farmers will not tolerate dogs running through their livestock even if they pose no direct threat.

Using a simple electronic training tool you can teach your dog to remain within its designated containment area. All these types of remote device give you the control of your dog without the need of the long leash while walking or playing outside. While meeting new places, animals or people, your dog can act on his own and forget about your commands. The owners can easily use the remotes to remind their dogs good behaviour, and can reward their proper behaviour. Train the dog the appropriate times for barking with these remote control tools.

Animals are very intelligent, and will learn very quickly with the Remote Training Collar. The collar is comfortable, and causes no distress to the animal at all, and after a very short space of time they will not even notice the collar. Owners want their pets to be free and safe. The remote training collar gets your dog freedom and safety.

Use a Remote Training Collar for the easiest training. The remote training tools can be used during walking. Your dog will get accustomed to wear the Remote Training Collar.

Is the Shih Tzu the Right Dog For You? Seven Factors to Consider!

Monday, September 26th, 2011

This is a question you need to ask yourself before you buy a Shih Tzu, as you will be spending a lot of time in each other’s company. Making the wrong choice can lead to years of unhappiness so make sure you get this right.

A few things to consider include the following.

1. Companionship

Shih Tzu were bred for no other reason than companionship. Most have very social personalities and there are few things a Tzu would enjoy more than to sit on your lap while you watch the television.

However, if you and your family work and must leave the dog at home the whole day, a Shih Tzu may not be the dog for you. They require more attention than most other dogs and your presence is an important part of their well being.

2. Grooming

This breed has a double coat and long hair. The hair requires frequent brushing to avoid matting. The nails also require frequent clipping as a Shih Tzu does not spend a lot of time outside.  This result in nails that are not filed away naturally by gravel and similar surfaces. 

3. Other animals

Most Shih Tzu get along well with other animals. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said off some other dog breeds. If you own an aggressive dog like a Pit-bull, it is best to think twice before you bring a Tzu home, especially if the other dog is an alpha male. Big dogs like Great Danes may also unknowingly hurt a small dog while playing. 

Most dogs don’t like cats and you must be particularly careful with a Shih Tzu, as the cat’s long nails can easily do some serious damage to their protruding eyes.

4. Exercise

If you are looking for a buddy to join you on your five mile run in the morning, please do not consider this breed as an option. Shih Tzu have flat, short noses with the result that they have difficulty breathing properly. A short walk around the block is all they require - nothing more.

5. Space and Indoor living

If you stay in an apartment with limited space this breed is a good option. A Shih Tzu is your typical indoor dog and nothing will make him happier than to hear your voice the whole day and to spend some time with you on the couch.

They do not tolerate heat very well and that is another reason why they should stay inside. This is especially true if you stay in a warm area.

6. Children

Shih Tzu are very popular with children. Their adorable expressions make them one of the most popular family pets. They are small and fragile so think about getting one if you have very young children who may not differentiate between a living animal and a stuffed toy!

7. Snuffle and snoreThe up turned nose and small mouth, close together on a short face, cause some Shih Tzu to have problems drinking and they should only be given water in shallow small bowls or through a drinking bottle similar to those used by hamsters and guinea pigs. Their squashed nasal passages make them more likely to snuffle and snore. 

If you decide that the Shih Tzu is the dog for you, the next step is to make sure you know how to buy Shih Tzu puppies of quality. You can discover how and get a lot of other information free of charge by visiting

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Any Shih tzu or Maltese breeders in Oklahoma or close to Oklahoma?

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

I am looking for a shih tzu, Maltese or Imperial (teacup) shih tzu breeder. I cannot seem to find any good ones. Please help! Thanks!

There is NO such thing as a teacup of ANY breed. If a breed comes in more than one size, it’s usually in Toy, Miniature, and/or Standard. There is only one STANDARD for the Shih Tzu breed, therefore, these dogs only come in ONE size.

Go to the Shih Tzu Club of America and look under their breeder referrals to find a REPUTABLE Shih Tzu breeder.

ETA: Forgot to mention the Maltese. They also only have ONE standard, in other words, they only come in ONE size.

Remote Dog Training Collar

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Training your dog to behave in the appropriate way implies the use of a long leash or other means of restraining its movements. However, using a leash is not enough to train a dog and it can also be difficult in some circumstances or places. All dog owners can use now the Remote Dog Training Collar which is more useful in training their dogs than the leash.

Just as its name implies, this special type of collar can be operated via remote means such that there is no need for any kind of physical containment measures like a long leash or a perimeter fence. The training device consists of two basic parts, namely, the collar and the transmitter both of which must be present for the system to work.

The dog wears the training collar around its neck and the owner holds the remote control in his hand. The remote control has basically two functions: you can use it to set the type, level and intensity of the aversive stimuli, like warning beeps, ultrasounds or electric pulses, and to deliver the dog a specific stimulus to correct its actions or behavior if it is necessary. Any time your dog behaves or acts in a wrong way, he or she will feel the unpleasant sensation of a loud sound, ultrasonic vibration or a mild electric pulse as part of the negative reinforcement type of training, and will cease its improper activity or behavior.

This description of the remote dog training collar allows for conclusion as to its numerous benefits including but not limited to the following:

• With the help of the collar the owner can save the life of his dog and of other animals, even people. So many accidents involving cars where animals and individuals are injured or die happen because of a pet dog running toward the road while its owner shouts to no avail for it to come back. They can also be involved in chasing other animals or animal fighting.

In such cases, the owner triggers a specific stimulus using the remote control of the collar. The goal of the aversive stimulus is to startle the dog, so it ends its improper activity and focuses on your command.

• You don’t need a fenced yard or a leash to train the dog. Dogs need to be trained while they are free to interact with their surroundings, to socialize with other dogs or animals and familiarize with other people than the owner. You need to socialize your dog from its youngest stages, because dogs are on the whole pack animals and they will try to establish a hierarchy when they meet others of their kind, and they may get involved in dog fighting.

This collar is very useful to control your dog in public spaces. The training collar can act as an invisible leash in that you can control his actions by the simple press of the button, said actions of which can include reprimanding him for bad behavior like going the opposite way even from a distance.

Of great importance is also the operational range of the Remote Dog Training Collar. Most collars will work for a minimum of 100 yards although other models will operate at a distance of 500 yards. If your dog passes this distance, you may loose it.

The Remote Dog Training Collar is better than leash training . The Remote Dog Training Collar is effective up to 500 yards. You can train your dog outdoors.

How to Choose the Safe Rubber Dog Toy

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Chewing is one of the things that dogs cannot resist especially when they are teething. As you cannot stop your dog from chewing, it is important to think at a way to stop it from chewing various things in your house, which of course you don’t want to be damaged. A rubber dog toy is very helpful when it comes to this. These toys are specifically designed to being chewed, so they are supposed to resist for a long time while your dog chews them. It is however very important to ensure that you get the best toy for your dog to avoid any accidents that are not planned for.

Consider firstly the type of material the manufacturer used to produce the toy you want to buy for your dog. There are some rubber materials that are very light and they can easily tear when chewed by the dog. This also depends on the level of chewing that your dog is at. There are differences between breeds when it comes to chewing, as some breeds have bigger mouths, stronger jaw muscles and sharper teeth, but there are also differences between the dogs of the same breed, depending on their temperament. When a toy dismantles in smaller pieces, the dog chewing it can accidentally swallow one of those parts and could strangle with it or it can obstruct its intestines.

Second, you should carefully check the durability and resilience to chewing of the rubber material of which the rubber dog toy is made. Your dog will be very pleased to chew a lot of hours to its rubber toy, and in the mean time it will also exercise the muscles of its neck, jaws and mouth. It is also possible to add some treats in these toys to ensure that the dog is both active and it is also enjoying itself. This way, the dog is occupied both physically and mentally looking for a way to remove the treats from the toys and eat them.

You also need to choose a material that won’t rip, puncture, crack or even shred when your dog get nervous and chews the toy with excessive aggressiveness. Be careful at the toys with removable parts, as these pieces can be detached by the dog and ingested accidentally, which might lead to choking or other digestive complication that can be very dangerous for your dog.

It’s a good idea to have more toys that you can substitute once in a while. There are very many options that you can go for which should be things that attract dogs, and there are many of those in the market. Choose various types of toy to challenge your dog and stimulate its mental. With the numerous types of the rubber dog toy available in the market, nothing should worry you when it comes to selecting the most suitable one if you have the right tips.

Give you dog a rubber dog toy to chew. Increase the pleasure of your dog with treats inserted into the toy. Choose the most suitable rubber dog toy for your pet.

Introducing the Offer of Dog Chew Toys

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Especially during the teething period, a puppy will chew anything it find in its way in order to soothe the pain from the emerging teeth. There are times that the dog tends to chew a lot and it becomes destructive if not dealt with appropriately. You can help your dog with these issues in different ways, and you must do it or nothing in your house will be safe from chewing. There are numerous dog chew toys that are available in the market that can be very helpful to your dog.

While selecting these chew toys for your dog, you should also consider the safety of your pet, thinking of the size of the toy and the possible harm they can produce to your dog. Let’s take the case of a dog having a large mouth that plays with very small toys; it is probably that the dog will swallow the toy and suffocate with it, even die if you are not around to help him. You should avoid the chew toys that are made of hard materials, if your dog is old and its teeth are weak, they can get fractured by these toys. There are a number of benefits that are associated with these dog chew toys. The dog toys address directly to the dog that will be the first to benefit from the various ways these toys affect its overall health status and behavior.

The first benefit is the fact that the dog becomes more active and less bored which is also a very good way of minimising the anxiety that a dog has. The dogs that are bored or even anxious are chewing all the time. While chewing the toy, your dog will become less bored or anxious and it may even consider playing with the toy instead of chewing it. The dog chew toys are also useful because they mentally stimulate the dog. When a dog is mentally stimulated, it does not think of how to chew something. This is mainly because the mind is active and it has something to do rather than be idle and start chewing everything it finds.

The dog will no more be interested in chewing something it can find in your house. When a dog that loves chewing gets a chew toy, it is able to put its full concentration on the toy. The owner gets rid of the additional costs of repairing or replacing the chewed items, and the dog avoids fracturing its teeth when trying to chew something made of hard materials.

Moreover, while chewing the toy your dog will consume some of its energy in excess. The dogs that don’t exercise enough because of various reasons will try to consume their energy through chewing things. These chew toys also help in exercising the muscle jaws of the dog. The dog chew toys are this way able to reduce the risk of accidents when the dog is handling hard or heavy things. Chewing such toys will improve the health of your dog’s teeth and will help it to clean its teeth from plaque.

Pet owners can find a different types of dog chew toys. Owners should avoid the toys built of too hard materials. The dog will chew all the dog chew toys he likes.

Purchasing Indestructible Dog Toys

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

There are a number of benefits that are associated with going for dog toys that are indestructible. Because of their obvious advantages, these toys are more and more asked by all those dog owners who are looking for dog toys to last for as long as possible. The first benefit that is associated with Indestructible Dog Toysis the fact that they do not tear or get spoilt. They are made of some types of materials that are very strong and durable and due to these materials, it does not matter how hard your dog chews them, they will remain quasi intact.

The second benefit that is associated with these toys is the fact that they save on the amount spent to purchase dog toys every now and then. Your problem will no more be to replace the broken toys of your dog, but to offer it a variety of indestructible dog toys so that your dog does not get bored of them. There are times that dogs get bored from having one toy every single day without anything else. To curb this problem, get as many toys as possible and keep interchanging them after a certain period. In a few days your dog will get used to its old toy and then you should give it another toy, so it has a new thing to be interested in and to learn about for another couple of days.

This type of toys is not only economical, but also dog friendly. As these toys are made of resistant materials, no matter how hard your dog bites them, it will not be able to split them into pieces that can be small enough to be swallowed by the dog and to suffocate it. As there are fewer risks for your dog to play with toys of this type, you will allocate less time to supervise it when your dog plays firstly with a new toy of this kind. With this in mind, it is important to put in mind a few safety factors that should be considered to ensure that the dog is always safe.

When introducing any new toy to the dog it is important to always supervise it while playing. You never know how your dog will react. Better watch your dog playing with the toy until you are sure it is really indestructible and safe. Don’t leave your dog until you are not really sure the toy is quite safe.

It is a vital thing to ensure that you inspect your Indestructible Dog Toys on a regular basis. Verify them to have no broken or split parts or sharp edges. Ensure that the toy is in good shape and that it can still be played with freely without posing any risks or dangers. Pay more attention to those toys that are made of synthetic materials as they can have some parts that your dog may swallow. If the toys prove to be less durable than advertised, avoid buying another of a similar type.

The Indestructible Dog Toys are friendly with your dog. Supervise the dog until you are sure the toy is safe. Be sure you regularly check the Indestructible Dog Toys you bought

Is anyone allergic to Shih Tzu dogs?

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

I am…and i have a really REALLY swollen eye. It’s puffy underneath, and it’s all watery. and from insde my eye, some yellow snot-like stuff came out….so i would like to know if i’m allergic to Shih Tzu dogs, or if that’s what being allergic to them looks like.

sounds like an allergic reaction to me.. if you get these symptons when exposed to a dog, then it would be an allergy