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why do shih tzu dogs smell so bad!?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

My dog is a shih tzu.He smells really bad,even when i wash him twice a week!

Make an effort to find out specifically where the bad odor is coming from on the dog. Check the ears. Smelly ears are infected and need veterinary care. Check the face, below the eyes. This area, if allowed to stay moist too much will develop stinky skin infections which, long term will leave permanent scars and bald spots. Check the mouth. Bad teeth and gums can give off a bad smell. See your vet. Look at the lower lip on each side, right behind where the big fang tooth rests when the mouth is closed.Yellow patches are pus, indicating skin infections.

If it is none of those, the dog may have an anal sac problem which a vet can take care of. Another possibility is skin disease, which can be in patches or generalized all over, and can give off an unpleasant odor.

Your dog needs to see a vet. It is not normal for Shih tzu dogs to smell bad.

Is a Shih Tzu Puppy the Right Dog For You?

Monday, July 25th, 2011

If you’re planning on getting a new Shih Tzu, the dog’s gender and color will most likely play a role in what you decide to get. You will also have to make the decision on what age you’d like the dog to be. The age of the dog is an important decision because taking care of a puppy and an adolescent or a senior dog is very different.

However, most people that are looking for a new Shih Tzu or any other dog for that matter will most likely want a puppy. Hopefully, you’re prepared for the work, responsibility and the expense of taking care of a puppy. Here are some things that you’ll have to think about before getting a puppy:

1) A New puppy will have to go through housetraining and obedience training

No matter how cute a puppy is, they do not know the first thing about living in a human home. They don’t know that your expensive carpet is not the bathroom and your shoes aren’t chew toys. You will have to have a lot of patience with a puppy; they need a lot of training. Are you patient enough to put in the quality time needed to get your puppy to the point where he or knows the difference between your carpet and the bathroom?

2) Stature

Shih Tzu puppies are small dogs; however, they are a lot tougher than other smaller breeds, but they can still be injured rather easily by a rough child, other dogs, or a mistake. You need to keep them out of harm’s way on a regular basis.

3) Socialization

Puppies are not aware of the big bad world that they’re in; they don’t know much about people, other dogs, and places. Therefore, be careful about how you expose them to these situations, because the wrong exposure could lead to behavioral problems such as anxiety, fear, or aggression. It is important for you to properly socialize your Shih Tzu puppy so that he or she grows well-adjusted to their lives with humans.

4) Energy

Although the Shih Tzu is not a hyper active breed, a puppy is a different story. As you know, all puppies have an abundance of energy that is unrivaled. Therefore, if you get tired just thinking about keeping up with a puppy, maybe an older dog will be right for you.

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The Citronella Bark Collar Is Quite Effective

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

All of us know that the dog was one of the first animals our ancestors domesticated thousands of years ago, so don’t be surprised to discover that dog collars have been used since those times. In fact, we can trace the first dog collars to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Since those times, dog collars have been used as an ID for each owners’ canines and to protect them from unwanted critters. So why should dog owners consider upgrading to a citronella bark collar?.

All of us know about the dog collar and we also know that dogs bark, so how about a “bark collar”? A bark collar is used to change the behaviour of the dog wearing it. It helps the owner to train the dog not to bark too much or at the wrong times. A bark collar is composed mainly of a microphone and a battery. Through the microphone, the barking of the dog triggers the tool for altering the dog’s behavior. The owners of the dogs should know that these bark collars are used just in an overbarking discouraging purpose.

The Citronella Bark Collar is the most popular of the three types of bark collars on the market. These collars contain a can that’s filled with a fluid whose base is citronella. This is a naturally produced oil that is extracted from different types of grasses. The oil helps to keep away various critters from your canine, including fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. The lemon-like scent of citronella is also quite unpleasant for your dog.

Here are some of the key benefits of citronella-based bark collars:

1. They are safe for your dog One of the key benefits of citronella-filled bark collars is that they’re non-toxic. So it won’t have a negative effect on your dog’s eyes or skin. It also has no negative effect on the eyes or skin of your-self.

2. Their effect is proven The citronella bark collars are used to modify the behaviour of the dogs. The barking of the dog will be sensed by the microphone in the dog collar. It then releases the citronella contained in the collar. Your dog will soon see the connection between its barking and the unpleasant scent from citronella oil.

Several scientific studies have certified the Citronella Bark Collar is quite effective. These studies show that such collars eliminate 90% of the unwanted barking. This fact was already known by the satisfied owners.

3. They’re humane. Many experts and dog owners consider that the most humane type of bark collar on the market is the citronella one. That’s because the dog experiences no pain when exposed to the citronella. This is a huge plus for the owners who are looking for an effective but humane anti barking measure. As we consider that dogs are “man’s best friends”, we want to protect them from any pain.

Moreover, citronella is humane for insects too. This is maybe not your biggest concern. But if you want to prevent the harm of animals while protecting your pet, then a citronella bark collar is definitely a wise choice. Insects will be repeled, not harmed.

The Citronella Bark Collar is the most popular of the three types of bark collars on the market. They act in a humane way. The effectiveness of the Citronella Bark Collar was verified through scientific studies.

Shih Tzu Training Tips

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Affectionate, Energetic, and loyal are just a few of the best ways to describe a Shih Tzu. However some common misconceptions about them are that they are arrogant, yuppie, and demanding. But in reality they are just like any other four-legged fury friend, there temperament will greatly depend mostly upon how you raise them.

A Shih Tzu, also known as a Chinese lion dog or a chrysanthemum, is a small bread measuring from 8 to 11inches and weighing anywhere from 9 to 16 pounds. Originally from China, they are famous for their long silky hair with a soft double-coat. With there short muzzles and large dark eyes its no wonder they are popular all over the world. Traditionally there coat of fur reaches the ground requiring daily brushing to prevent tangles.

A very intelligent and capable student your Shih Tzu will be quick on his way to being a well behaved family friend with these easy to follow Shih Tzu training tips.

When it comes to potty training this breed, It can prove to be both time consuming and difficult. Some good news is that if you stick to a solid and consistent potty training plan/schedule you will achieve quick results.

Some key things for your potty training plan are:
-Only allow him 15-20 minutes to eat his food then take it away. Do this at consistently scheduled intervals a few times a day.
-Take your dog out to do his business 15-20 minutes after eating or drinking
-Take him out immediately upon waking up and before bedtime
-Take him out consistently every 2 hours through the day

When potty training your Shih Tzu it is always best to take them to the same spot to do there business. This associates them with where they should do there business because they can smell their scent there.

Remember if your dog accidentally uses the living room, DO NOT attempt to scold him or rub his nose in his own mess. Physical punishment will only make things more difficult. Training your pet is based on reward for accomplishment not discipline for misunderstood commands.

When it comes to obedience training, train your dog the basic commands, such as sit, stay, and come, which are the building blocks to more complicated training and will also develop a nice relationship between you and your pet.

Always use positive reinforcement. This will increase the chance for your dog to behave in a similar manor again. It consists of loving praises, pats, and even treats. But Remember, when giving your pets treats to only show and give your pet a treat upon completion of a command. If you show your pet the treat before it is like bribing him to do what you want, and your goal is not to have him do a command for a reward but to have him do it because he loves you.

Here are some not only Shih Tzu training tips, but some general dog training tips that all dog owners should know and follow.

-There is nothing wrong with telling your dog “No”, except its just sometimes not enough information for them. Telling them a basic command like “Sit”, is much less confusing letting them know exactly what you want.(for example if he’s jumping on you)

-Begin your commands with your dogs name to get his attention.

-Stick to single word commands

-Always praise your dog for proper completion; never scold him for misunderstood commands.

-Be consistent with your commands. Nothing makes things harder than being inconsistent.

-Your dogs Health and diet directly relates to his energy levels, mood, happiness, and willingness to happily participate in training sections.

-Training sessions should be short but regular no less than 15minutes and no more than 30minutes at a time, a few times a day.

All in all if you implement these tips into a healthy happy training environment you should notice your dog being the happy loving pet that everyone knows and loves.

If you are Interested in more dog training tips or just interested in becoming the best possible master in training and health for your dog. Check Out Top Secrets For Pet Owners Now!

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Shih Tzu Dog Breed

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Description: The Shih Tzu is considered a toy breed of dog. The Shih Tzu weighs between 9 and 14 pounds and reaches about 10 inches at the shoulder. This beautiful breed has a long, silky coat that reaches the ground. The coat can be grey and white, gold, black, red and white, or black and white. The muzzle is short and sports a long beard and moustaches. The dog’s tail curls up over its back. The Shih Tzu should be a muscular, compact dog. This breed is also called the Chrysanthemum Dog or the Tibetan Lion Dog.

History: The Shih Tzu is a very old breed of dog that traces its lineage back to the Lhaso Apso of Tibet. It was considered to be a sacred dog and housed in temples there. It was eventually taken to China where it became a court favorite. The Chinese royal house particularly favored these dogs and the original stock was crossed with the Pekingese to produce the dog that is familiar today. The Chinese refused to allow any dog out of the country for many years. The first dog only made their way to England in the 1930s.

Temperament: The Shih Tzu is a friendly dog with what many consider to be a regal bearing. This is a happy dog with a great deal of personality. They are lapdogs and are most content when lying in the lap of one of their human friends. This breed loves to be with its human family and gets along well with children and other dogs. They do, however, have an obstinate side that can make training somewhat difficult.

Health Issues: A very serious health concern with this dog breed is a condition called Renal Dysplasia. This is probably a genetic ailment that causes the kidneys to eventually stop working. They can also develop bladder and kidney stones, which are treatable. This breed can also experience spinal problems because of its long back. Because of their short faces, they can also have breathing problems and often snore or wheeze.

Grooming: Although the Shih Tzu has what is considered to be a hypoallergenic coat, grooming is going to be an important part of this dog’s maintenance. The long coat needs to be brushed every day. Many owners tie the hair on the dog’s head up into a topknot. The eyes of this dog are delicate and should be cleaned every day. Most are kept as pets and are given a puppy cut for ease of care.

Living Conditions: The Shih Tzu is a perfect dog for an apartment, as well as for a house. This dog loves to play inside so only short walks are needed to maintain its condition. This breed enjoys being near its family and can experience separation anxiety. This dog wants to be a member of the family. This puppy or dog should definitely be protected from extremes of temperature and, despite its long coat, must be allowed to sleep indoors.

For more information on the Shih Tzu breed, Training and Puppies visit my pages below.

Teacup Puppies

Puppies or Dogs

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Can/Should We Get a Puppy?

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Hi guys!

So I’m 13 and ever since summer started in June, I’ve been thinking about getting a Shih tzu puppy. I’ve always wanted a puppy ever since I was 7 but we lived in an apartment back then so we couldn’t get one. This summer is going by WAY TOO FAST!!!

So, here’s an outline of my family:

-Mom works from 7:15 am — 4 pm
-Dad works from 7:30 am — 6 pm
-My sister and I go to school until 2:30
-Big house, nice yard

There are $300 puppies for sale and I seriously would like to buy one! I’m just worried because it’s only 1 month and 2 weeks old, which means that it’ll still be a puppy when school starts.

Is this okay? Is there a way to work around this? Thank you soso much! :)
By the way. School starts the 29th of august.

You’re 13 years old. In 5 years or so, you will be leaving home and either going to college or start work. Who will look after the dog then? Will you be able to afford it’s upkeep (dogs are not cheap if you care for them properly). Will you still be prepared to walk the dog at least once every day. Will you be able ot find accommodation that you can afford that will allow you to keep a dog with its pack? A dog is not a doll or a baby - it is a huge responsibility. Do you really want that kind of responsibility at your age? I’m not saying you are immature or anything, but a god is for life, not just because you decide having one would be fun! Perhaps you should spend a couple of years thinking about it, perhaps volunteer at the local dog pound so you can get an idea of what it takes to care for a dog, and then think again about whether you really want a dog.

I assume you leave home in the morning when your parents do? If so, you would be leaving your young puppy alone for around 8 hours. This is too long to crate a dog for without breaks. Where would your dog toilet in that time? Surely you would not let your dog toilet inside the apartment? That’s is pretty unhygienic! In my opinion, it is too long to leave a dog (which is a pack animal and therefore social) on its own anyway. So, for this reason alone, I don’t think you will have the time to deal with a dog, even if you are able to spend the necessary time and money training the dog before you start back at school. You could consider doggie daycare, or a dog walker, but it costs money of course.

Also, who will be paying for your dog’s needs? Dogs cost a lot if you want to keep them properly (and if you don’t want to keep them properly, you should not get a dog!). Cost include: obedience training, vet, flea and worm treatments, vaccinations, registraion, food (and please make sure you feed good quality food - most of the stuff you get is junk food - this is a great website: ), toys, treats, petrol for taking dog to beach or special places for fun etc). There is no way as a thirteen year old I would have been able to afford all that.

How much do you really know about dogs? You say you have wanted a dog since you were 7. Yes, dogs are cute - lots of people want them until they find out the reality of it! Have you been to your local library to research dog care? Do you know that dogs need to be socialised at a young age? Will you be able to do this?

I’m sorry - it’s probably not the answer you want to hear, but it is the truth. It sounds like you are a caring person, and have the best intentions, but the reality of owning a dog is that it takes time (training, walks), money ( and organising your lives so that your dog can be with its pack most of the time.

Too many dogs are given up or abandoned because the owner does not understand how much of a responsibility a dog is. If you want a pet and an easy life, get a cat!

The Electronic Dog Containment Systems Cost Less Than The Standard Ones

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Dog containment systems are essentialy products that are used by the pet owners to keep their dogs safe within the boundaries of a specific area. The contained dog carries around its neck a collar from wich aversive stimuli, such as a warning beep followed by a safe, mild and painless electric shock are provided to it, and the collar device is triggered by a radio waves transmitter placed inside the house or in the middle of the established perimeter. This happens when the dog attempts to cross the invisible boundary set up around the desired containment area.

As the dog is an intelligent animal, it will soon recognize the boundaries of the perimeter its owner established, and will stop approaching these boundaries that it will quickly associate to the unpleasant feelings provided by those aversive stimuli.

These dog containment systems have numerous benefits that millions of pet owners have enjoyed and continues to enjoy. Here we overview some of these benefits.

• Inside the designated area your dog will be safe and better protected against different types of accidents and possible mishaps. Both you and your dog will not be forced to deal with the unpleasant outcomes of such accidents. The electronic device acts in two diffent ways to keep the dog inside the secured area. When you are at home, the beep issued by the dog’s collar when it attempts to cross the line will alert you, and you can command the dog to stop.

When the dog is left alone, the collar will issue the warning beep as it attempts passing the line. In a few seconds after the beep, the collar will issue a mild electric shock that will stop the dog if it continued to approach the established boundaries. You dog will then not go into the road in the line of passing cars or not be engaged in fights with other animals. After some training, the dog will come inside the house when hearing the beep or receiving the shock.

• Just a single shock is often sufficient for any dog to learn of the association between his bad behavior and the possible consequences. After a few adjustements, you will be able to set the proper intensity for the electric shocks to be delivered.

Such adjustability is necessary since your dog will require lesser amounts of electric shock as his training progresses. By correctly using the intensity adjustement of the electric shocks, you can train your dog to stop when hearing the beep.

• Pet owners need not spend large amounts of time, effort and money to set up physical dog containment systems like fences made from wood, stone and metal. Keep in mind, too, that these physical fences require maintenance expenses including additional real property taxes, which is in contrast with wired and wireless electronic systems known colloquially as invisible fences.

Moreover, you can easily designate the safe area because the electronic dog containment are portable systems. Just install and set up the transmitter in the middle of the place you want to contain the dog.

The electronic dog containment systems help the dogs to be exposed to lesser risks of accident as well as lesser opportunities to run away.

The numerous benefits of these dog containment systems are well appreciated by millions. You can easily move them and create different safe areas. Due to the electronic dog containment systems your dog will be less exposed to accidents.

Bark Collars Ensure Peaceful Rest

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

When a pet is outdoors whitout the surveillance of its master, something harmful can happen to it such as getting hit by a car, being hurt while chassing some livestock or any other accident. As we care for our pets, we want them to be happy, but also to be safe. It can be rather boring for a pet to be trapped indoors for hours at a time. Just like people, pets need fresh air too. Getting bored may lead to some health or behaviour disfunctions, an increased excitability or excessive barking. This can cause some situations to be quite stressful. You have the possibility of creating a less stressful but also much safer environment for your pet through investing in electronic pet control devices such as bark collars or containment fences.

If you use an electronic fence, you can contain your pet in any space you consider safe for it to move as free. The special collar attached to the neck of your pet will help it learn the boundaries of the place you have secured for it through installing the invisible electronic fencing system. While the system will not harm the animal, it will give them a light shock if they try to pass beyond the fence. In the first approaching phase, the collar will issue a warning beep, then follows the shock. As dogs are intelligent, they will learn stopping at the warning beep.

People have made pets from the animals they love most. Of course we want only the best for our pets. But it is impossible to secure them when wandering on the strets downtown or among the livestock of some neighbour farmer. Cats are also naturally curious creatures and will roam if their instinct tells them too. A cat’s curiosity can often get him into trouble too. Most of the animals hit on the road are cats. The electronic containment fence can keep them near the house.

In a crawded neighborhood, bark control collars are ideal for dog owners. This is ideal if you live in apartments, duplexes or town houses. Dogs that bark at everythig and everyone they encounter while on the walk will need also this special type of collar. A bark collar can make a daily walk more enjoyable and give your pet more control. Many of the people owning pets like to take them in hollidays in their cars. But it can be disturbing and a possible accident cause when they are barking at every car passing. Use a bark collar on your pet and your journey will be safer and enjoyable for both of you.

We can secure our pets without locking them out. Devices like the bark collars and containment fences do not harm your pet. We can use electronic products like these in order to make our lives easier and for the best of our fury friends. The containment fence offers a safe place for them to roam free, and the barking collar the possibility of living in large cities without disturbing neighbours.

In order to create a safer environment for your pet, you may consider investing in bark collars. Most pets get into trouble because of their curiosity. Devices like the bark collars and containment fences do not harm your pet.

What are some tips to potty training a shih tzu puppy?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

I am thinking of getting a shih tzu puppy from my friend who is going to be breeding two pure breds and I already have a private trainer for obedience but I am worried about potty training! SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!

If you are getting a puppy from a backyard breeder (yes, that is exactly what your friend is) then you’ll need a good relationship with a veterinarian. You already know you’ll get zero support from your friend the BYB, so we’ll be seeing you on here often.
Here’s the method use for puppies and dogs. I’ll add a link so you can see the difference between a responsible breeder and your friend.
Schedule- the feeding and potty times. An adult is fed twice a day. A puppy is fed four times a day up to 10 or 12 weeks, then three times a day through adolescence. They need to potty first thing in the morning, last thing at night, within a few minutes of every meal, and every few hours in between. The “in between” hours are calculated by their age in months: 1 month = 1 hour, up to 6 months/hours. So, a three month old puppy should be taken to potty every three hours in between the other scheduled times. When the dog/puppy is taken to potty, wait with him as he ‘does his business’ and then praise like crazy. The neighbors should be able to hear you.

Confine- the puppy or dog whenever it is not being watched. Confinement can be in a crate (especially at night), an exercise pen, or behind a baby gate in a very small and puppy-proofed room.

Supervise- the puppy or dog whenever it is loose in the home. This means having eyes on it, not on the TV. Play with the puppy, do a five minute training session, groom it, or just let it lie at your feet with a safe chew, but have it within sight at all times. If it squats then give a loud “NO” or “ACK” as you scoop and run to the appropriate potty spot.

Do not let the dog return to the accident spot until it has been thoroughly cleaned and wiped with vinegar or a commercial enzyme product to remove all urine odor.

Your Ugliest Dog Breeds?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

In your own PERSONAL TASTE which dog breeds are the ugliest?

Pictures welcome

My pics..


Sure they make cute puppies, but then they grow up, they have under bites, they get bad haircuts, they have googly eyes!

Brussels Griffon

I’ll cut some slack for the long wirehair veriety, but the smooth coated ones are sure ugly


Not exactly a breed but they’re so common these days I might as well add this one in. I just don’t see the appeal..

I don’t think any breed is ugly, I don’t like some breeds, and some individuals of breeds are ugly. But I can’t think of any properly bred dogs that are ugly. The closest I would say to an ugly dog is a Petit Brabancon, (aka the smooth coated Brussels Griffon). I’ve seen one in person and it was so sweet and affectionate and silly, but, I don’t think it’s the most aesthetically pleasing of dogs.

I just thought of some other ones. All the doodle breeds and poo breeds, when their shaved. Even Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu are ugly shaved, long haired, their beautiful, shaved their ugly. And Boxers, I do not like boxers, I don’t like their appearance or their temperament, my sister has a boxer.