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shih tzu-innapropriate chewing-how to discourage habit?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

i have a mini schnauzer and a shih tzu,both rescues.i adopted the 3 yr old neutered male shih tzu from the aspca in april.he is getting along fine except for one thing-he chews cabinets,windowsills(which he can reach from the bed)and wooden furniture legs(chairs,tables,etc).i am afraid he will swallow wood chips,splinters and paint chips.this is very scary because this is a house built in 1940,there may be layers of lead paint underneath more recent paint.what can i do to stop this behaviour?i cant throw out all my furniture.every room has furniture in it.he also chews on sticks outside in the fenced backyard.i supervise him,but its a constant temptation for there any way i can stop this? i am afraid he will poison or choke himself.i only work part time,but in order to supervise,i would have to monitor him 24/7! i have offered him chew bones from the pet store(dog safe) but he is niot interested,he wants to chew wood! advice appreciated!

Two potential routes: 1) substitute- get him a bunch of chew toys- hard, softer, Kong’s with peanut butter inside, chew ropes, all kinds. Try to find something with a simiar texture to wood. Experiment until you find something he likes. Many dog only like to chew up one thing -we had a golden retriever who only chewed up semisoft plastic - like barbie dolls- never touched furniture or much else. 2) crate him when you can’t supervise and use something bad tasting on as many items as you can. Some people like bitter apple (some people don’t), cayenne pepper oil, the stuff you get for toddlers to stop sucking their thumbs, etc. You will probably have to experiment there too. But I’m sure you can find something nontoxic he hates the taste of. Good luck! Glad to see you adopted an older dog.

is anyone selling puppies in the darlington area ?

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

I would like a puppy probably a shih tzu or a chihuahua for sale email me the details at

This is not a site to buy or sell dogs

Look into a shelter if you want a pup

How can I stop my Shih Tzu from feeling anxious after his haircut?

Friday, May 27th, 2011

He is 17 months old and everytime he gets his haircut he spends approx. 1 week feeling sorry for himself, he just sits on his cushion on the sofa and won’t play. Any suggestions or will he grow out of it?

i would tell YOU to get over it … for god’s sake, it is a dog … they have no comprehension how they look … he is merely feeding off your energy, your family probably tried to "make him feel better" at the first sight of what you perceived to be anxiety … what do you do, you ignore the dog and get on with your day … if he wants to lay there for a week, let him, but if you get on with life he is not going to lay there trying to soak attention from you …

What size is a 4 month old Shih Tzu puppy?

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

i have come to the USA for a holiday and my Shih Tzu puppy is on the other side of the world. My puppy is only 4 months old and i would like to buy her a harness for her walks. What size should i get her? A small, extra small or medium?

Shih Tzus vary too much in size to be able to give you a definite answer. Can you phone home (or phone whomever is looking after the dog) and ask them to measure around the chest? Then go to the pet shop with a tape measure and find a harness that has that measurement as its minimum, which should allow enough room for the puppy to grow.

How much to feed a 12 week old Shih Tzu pup?

Friday, May 20th, 2011

We just adopted a Shih Tzu pup today, he is 12 weeks old. How much and how often should we be feeding him? The directions on the food bag/box are not accurate. We have him puppy biscuits and pet food which was fed to him by the breeder. I must add that the breeders say he is quite big and well built for his age.

I would start at a half cup each of 3 times a day. You should be feeding a puppy chow now. Your dog definitely should be narrower at the waist than the hips and chest. You should be able to easily feel the ribs, but not see them. Each dog is different. Standard recommendations are a good place to start, but each dog must have its food and exercise adjusted to its individual needs. Here is a link to a good illustrated guide, Did the breeder say how much he was eating?

What causes shih tzu to invertly sneeze?

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

My lil shih tzu does this every so often and i cry i get so upset watching her what causes it to happen and is there anything i can do to calm her when it happens? Thanx in advance :)

No need to get so upset — it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. Reverse sneezing is usually caused by some irritation in the nasal passage, such as allergies or nasal inflammation, but soft palate abnormalities and other issues could also be the cause. To be certain, have her checked out by your vet.

Why do Shih tzu dogs smell so bad???!!!?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Uggghhh my roommate has 2 Shih tzu dogs and they are the sweeeeeetest things, but I CANNOT stand being around them because they smell so bad!! I feel horrible because they follow me around the house and wanna be right with me every step I take, but I can’t stand the smell of them. Even when I give them, baths they will smell like the shampoo for one day and then its back to the old stench. My mom also has 2 shih tzu dogs and she treats them like GOLD and always has them clean & groomed, but even when I hold them, I still have to wash my hands after. Its not as bad as my roommate’s dogs, but its still a funky odor. Why do Shih tzu’s smell different and more odorous than other dogs? Is there any kind of shampoo maybe that is specifically for super stinky dogs? I swear it must be a genetic thing… I’d imagine there is a shampoo for Shih tzu odor. ANY HELP?? =)

One of the big ‘stinkys’ with Shih Tzus when they are younger is the fur growing on that short little nose pokes right back into the eyes, irritating the eyes to death and causing mass tearing which then falls under the eye, sits on the lower eye area and becomes hugely infected. It is VERY important to be clipping that fur under the eyes and on the top of the nose area very frequently so as to stop the vicious circle.

Many times when a shih tzu turns middle aged and older, they develop allergies which seem to ooze out from their skin and they get very ‘yeasty’ with yellow ick oozing from the toes, throat, back and ears especially. It is usually a systemic yeast infection and I would bathe with Chlorahexadine medicated shampoo but that is only treating the results of whatever is inside tearing them up. The best treatment would be going to the vet for the internal remedy so the whole mess will stop destroying the skin organ.

Health Questions To Ask Your Shih Tzu Breeder

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

If you are considering the addition of a Shih Tzu to your family, there are a few facts that you will want to know to help you care for your dog. Like any breed, there are Shih Tzu health problems that are specific to this type of dog, and learning what these problems are can help you to select a pet that is healthy. It is also important to prepare for the arrival of your Shih Tzu puppy by selecting a veterinarian and learning about emergency pet care in case a situation might arise where you would need that information.

There are a number of health problems that plague the Shih Tzu breed, including eye problems and kidney issues. By educating yourself about the common Shih Tzu health problems, you can prevent many of them by looking for a line of dogs that does not have a history of issues. You can also select a vet that both you and your dog are comfortable with and learn how to handle common emergency situations with dogs.

There are two Shih Tzu health problems that affect the eyes and are seen somewhat frequently. The first is keratoconjunctivitis sicca, which is also known as dry eye. This condition occurs when there is not a sufficient production of the aqueous portion of tears in the eye, which can lead to cornea damage and even blindness if no treatment is offered. A brachiocephalic skull can also lead to eye problems for the Shih Tzu, since the skull is structured in a way that the eyes of the dog protrude more than with other breeds. This additional exposure of the eye can lead to a variety of eye problems that will need to be addressed and treated.

Renal dysplasia is the name for a potentially serious Shih Tzu health problem that affects the kidneys. Unfortunately, severe cases of this condition can lead to the death of a very young dog. It is also difficult for a breeder to know if his lines of dogs might carry this disorder, since it can go undetected for generations.

Once you have learned about the potential Shih Tzu health problems that you will need to keep an eye out for, you can begin the selection process of a qualified veterinarian that will care for you dog. Choosing a vet is an important step in good Shih Tzu care, so take your time and do your research so that you find a doctor that you are completely comfortable working with.

Responsible pet owners also understand the importance of preparing for possible emergencies that might arise with a sick or inured pet. You will want to have a few supplies at home that will come in handy for treating your dog in the event of an emergency, such as bandages, antibiotic ointment or hydrogen peroxide and a rectal thermometer. Some dog owners also keep a muzzle handy so that they can safely treat their pet when it is injured. Doing your homework in regards to Shih Tzu care will mean a happy healthy relationship between you and your pet.

Rebecca Simpson has raised many dogs and the Shih Tzu is one of her favorite breeds. If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family, it is very important for you to learn all you can about Shih Tzu care to ensure that you have the healthiest dog possible. Articles like this will teach you about potential health issues for the breed, how to choose a veterinarian and proper techniques for emergency care for your Shih Tzu.

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Shih Tzu Puppies for Adoption - Why Adopting from a Shelter is a Good Move

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

It shouldn’t be that hard to look for Shih Tzu puppies for adoption - simply look up the contact info and address of the various animal rescue groups near your area. You will not be talking to a breeder, who will know the bloodline of the puppies, but instead to the shelter’s staff who may not be always provided with that info, since they rarely discriminate between breeds. Sometimes, owners who take their Shih Tzu puppies to the shelter for adoption also leave behind the puppies’ documentation pertaining to breeding and other health matters - but that’s rare.

For the most part, most of the animals found in shelters are already adults ones; but don’t despair, sometimes a liter of pups is brought in, most of them healthy - the shelter will need to nurse them back to health if they’ve been unfed for a few days. So be prepared to be briefed by the staff on the importance of not neglecting the feeding schedule of Shih Tzu puppies for adoption. Add to that the fact that many puppy mills have the incentive to breed and cross-breed without regard for the puppies’ health.

What’s recommended is to adopt an adult dog from a Shih Tzu rescue. Animal rescue groups are predominantly small organizations with limited funding and limited physical resources. Foster homes are often used to augment resources - these homes serve to take care of some of the orphaned dogs until the shelter can find new and responsible owners for them. You essentially allow more dogs to be helped by the shelter when you adopt from them, since you provide a good home for one of theirs and they can take in more abandoned dogs. That’s why adopting from them is good for you (you get a new companion), the dog (which gets a new home), and the shelter (which can help more dogs).

Supposing you bring home a liter of healthy puppies the staff nursed and took care of before finding for them a good home, you may want to talk to the staff who took care of them. The staff can walk you through what you need to do and what you need to avoid doing when it comes to taking care of the puppies. Is it your first time to bring home such puppies? Then the staff can be of great help.

Keep in mind that adoption is a good option if you’re not particularly attached to a Shih Tzu breed, and if you’re fortunate enough to stumble upon a shelter with Shih Tzu puppies ready for adoption. A Shih Tzu can live as long as 18 years, and so if you’re up for a companion dog that’s loving, loyal, and lovable, then you made the right choice in adopting a Shih Tzu.

It’s good that you’re looking for Shih Tzu puppies for adoption, because that means you’re likely to get in touch with animal shelters and rescue organizations. You can usually find Shih Tzu puppies for adoption from these concerned groups, and have staff that know exactly what these pups need to be grow healthy. You want to talk to the staff who may be able to provide a breeding and health background of the puppies.

Why a Shih Tzu Is Worth Treating Like a Celebrity

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

If you’re thinking of getting a Shih Tzu, you’ve opted for a popular but possibly difficult to take care off breed. This dignified presence, or the way this breed carries itself, is one reason it’s also called the Imperial Shih Tzu. As a companion pet, however, it is a superb one.

The tests to restore the original function of different dog breeds

Over the years, there’s been much discussion about holding tests to see if various dog breeds live up to original expectations. There are specific tests for herding dogs, hunting dogs, lure tests for sight hounds, grounds tests for terriers, stamina tests, and water and draft tests. Dogs that pass the tests assigned to the breed they belong to were judged adequate to expectations associated with their breed.

These tests of performance, appropriate they may be for some breeds, is not need for the toy dog breed, a breed which has a different set of expectations associated with them. Many toy dog breeds perform well in the job they are expected to do, namely, be great companions, lively pets, and healthy company.

The personality - treat it like a king

This breed is often outgoing and friendly, but it’s got a brat persona that wants only to be spoiled. It has a great sense of self, which is probably why many owners notice this breed is not good with other pets and little kids around. But if the other kids love to comb the Shih Tzu’s long, fine coat of hair, that dog will love that kid.

This breed make for reliable watchdogs, being alert to people around them and their owners. Be careful though, as poorly bred and trained one can be noisy and snappy. A smart dog, the Shih Tzu can be trained, although not as easily as other dogs. You need to be persistent when training it, as it can be stubborn. Be careful with punishing it, since it can shut down and do the opposite of what you want to train it to not do.

A short list of health problems

Renal dysplasia (a kidney disease), slipped stifles or kneecaps, and large eyes that are prone to injury - that’s a quick glance at the Shih Tzu’s health problems. It also has a slight wheezing problem with its short muzzle. Other than these, everything else is connected with his coat maintenance - poor grooming results in tangles, hot spots, painful mats, skin infections, and to some extent maggot infestation. You have to establish a grooming schedule - groom your Shih Tzu everyday to prevent coat problems. If you can’t do that you need to choose another breed.

To be sure that the Shih Tzu a breeder may be offering for sale is a genuine one, you need to the check the breeding standard. It’s not surprise that puppy mills abound, what given the popularity of the Imperial Shih Tzu and the demand for both puppies and adults of this breed. You want to get in touch with reputable breeders that are connected with breeding clubs before you seriously consider buying a Shih Tzu.

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