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Is there such thing as Imperial and Princess type in Shih Tzu?

Monday, June 28th, 2010

I always see this Imperial or sometimes Princess type Shih Tzus in net.
Im wondering what kind of Shih Tzu are they differ from the ordinary ones.
What’s the difference?

Princess? That’s a new one.

But yeah, there isn’t really any such thing. You want to stay away from breeders advertising them as such. An Imperial shih tzu is a undersized runt. They are completely out of proportion and usually quite ugly full grown, with mishappen heads and extremely bulgy eyes, little ears, and wide, overcrowded mouths. They typically weigh between 4-6 lbs if a "breeder" is selling them that way for size and not just to trick people into thinking they are small.

They usually have a multitude of eye, heart, and breathing problems, and are also prone to hereditary diseases such as liver shunt. (the blood supply to the liver is cut redirected and so the dog outgrows it’s own liver).

Yeah, so the difference is an Imperial shih tzu is a very unhealthy non-standard animal. A standard (proper, and healthier) shih tzu should weigh between 9 and 16lbs. My shih tzu weigh 9, 10, and 10.5lbs. They are the only shih tzu that could be considered "Imperial" and still healthy. (only because they are on the low end of the standard).

Hope that answers your question :)

Mini Poodle x Shih-tzu puppies

Monday, June 28th, 2010

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3 months imperial shihtuz puppy first bark

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the cutest imperial shih tzu of them all!

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Imperial Shih Tzu: That’s Amore True Love

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

my imperial shih tzu puppy and my lovable ragdoll cat, now that’s amore! It looks like they are made for each other.

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sushi my imperial shih tzu.wmv

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Sushi a different stages of his life, his hair is longer and he has become a beautiful and healthy Shih. He is so gentle and has been so easy to housebreak him. I am so proud of my baby.

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Do cats and shih tzu dogs tend to get along?

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I really would like a dog but I also have a cat so I need a dog that likes cats so help?!

If you probably socialize your dog and cat they should get along.
My dog is a terrier, and is 6. He absolutely HATES cats, but put him with a cat, dog on leash, cat able to run, and hold at a distance so they can sniff, but not harm one another. Praise good behavior with treats or pats, and hit with shoe if the dog harms or attacks. I know, I was completely against hitting animals, but it works so well. Don’t hit too hard, just enough so they know its wrong. After 5-10mins, ending on a positive note, end and leave each pet alone. Continue, each time giving the pets less restraint. Leave at least 2hrs between each training. Soon they should just be curious. In time they will grow closer. Sometimes cats and dogs can be the best of friends, but they could become just two more animals that don’t hate, but don’t love each other.

Patience and consistent training is key.
Good luck hope this helps.

Also, the younger the pets the easier this should be, as bad habits haven’t set in. But it is a myth that you can’t teach old dogs (and cats) new tricks.

Sammy the Shih Tzu Sioux Falls Humane Society.wmv

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

For more information go to

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Shih tzu puppies for sale?

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Anyone know of someone who is sellin shih tzu puppies in bakersfield ca for a cheap price?

No. Such. Thing. As a cheap dog.

You’re going to spend THOUSANDS on vet bills, supplies, and high quality dog food. Over $1,000 in the first year. Can’t afford a $300-$1,200 price? Forget getting a dog.

If you just want a cheap initial price, stay away from ANY sort of breeders. Breeders selling cheap puppies are BYBs, and the puppies are badly bred.

Shih tzus are common and are a not-too-uncommon breed in shelters. Try

EDIT: Kijiji is crap. You’re only going to find badly bred dogs. Period.

How much are shih tzu puppies and where can I buy one?

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Would it be cheaper to adopt one from a homeless shelter? Besides from a homeless shelter and those online sites that sell them, are there stores that sell puppies?
I agree, I really would like one from the animal shelter. But I dont know how easy it will be to find a shih tzu puppy there. Do you think I could?

From a reputable breeder, about $1250. Wait time: 6 plus months. You can find a great breeder at

From a rescue, you likely won’t find a puppy. Adoption fee: in the #300-$500 range.

From a regular old shelter, I’ve never seen a purebred Shih Tzu pup there, but I have seen lots of adults. Adoption cost for a puppy: anywhere between #100-$300.

A pet store full of puppy mill pups, or a broker who sells for puppy mills online, not even an option. And the cost is likely to be exactly the same or MORE than through a great breeder. And their almost always sickly anyway.

Try petfinder first.

would a resuced or bought from breeder shih tzu do well in this setting?

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

a nice sized house, decent sized lawn, someone home every few hours, a half hour daily walk, obedience school, well socialized etc. anyway would a shih tzu do well here? also any good names?

a shi tzu would do pretty well there but u might want to walk it twice a day
good girl names : chloe, sadey, lady, frannie
boy names: cesar, julias, henry

and whoever said shi tzus were inside dogs is wrong!