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  • No Surprises: Know What to Expect From a Shih Tzu Rescue Dog

    First of all, congratulations for having chosen to go for a Shih Tzu rescue dog instead of a puppy. Your choice has given a new lease of life to a wonderful dog. The Shih Tzu rescue dog usually is trained and evaluated by the rescue/shelter organization quite accurately. Hence, it is rare that you will have any major surprises. If so, you will definitely know about any major flaws it has and how should you handle them. The dog will also be housetrained and ready to be rehabilitated.

    This Dog Is Wonderful

    There are many flaws in every breed and the Shih Tzu rescue dog also might showcase a few of these flaws. However, overall, this dog is simply great. When you decide to get a Shih Tzu rescue dog home, you have gifted yourself a wonderful companion for a long, long time.

    The Shih Tzu rescue dog somehow knows that it has been given a second lease of life and will be very attached – bordering on possessiveness - to you for a long time. You might need to keep all other animals in your home away from it for some time until it settles down a little. Remember, these dogs thrive on love and attention and due to its past experience; its appetite for love will be insatiable.

    Though you might always get a purebred, it is often that you can walk away with a Shih Tzu rescue, which is not only purebred but also has papers. Yes, you could find some wonderful animals waiting to be rescued. In this way, you gain a lot; you do not go through the pains of raising a puppy; you do not pay as much as it costs to buy a purebred puppy; yet, you end up with a wonderful specimen of the Shih Tzu breed.

    There are many other things that you can consider when you go for the Shih Tzu rescue dog and you will find that whatever traits you find, you will get more than you bargained for in this particular breed. Besides, there are indeed no words to describe how good you feel everytime you look at this dog with the knowledge that you have saved its life.

    If you can, you should always go for a Shih Tzu rescue dog – it is much too rewarding to ignore and then what can be more noble and satisfying that saving a life? Of course, check out the pros and cons of the Shih Tzu rescue with your family before you sign on the dotted line; after all adoption is a family affair and needs everyone’s cooperation.

    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Shih Tzu, get a copy of this Shih Tzu Guide NOW!

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