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  • Maltese Shitzu

    Maltese Shitzu is a small dog and has abundant coat, short nose and boggle eyes. Tear straining is quite common in pure breeds, but the stains are not so apparent in cross breeds. This breed of dog is outgoing, gregarious and gutsy and are compatible with all age groups. Maltese Shitzu needs to be treated with lots of love and affection, and they like to socialize. Maltese are highly snappy and strung, but if crossed with aloof Shih Tzu, it produces an outgoing and friendly breed.


    Health and Lifespan of Maltese Shitzu


    Purebred dogs are more delicate as compared to the cross bred, but even these can suffer from some common health problems. Maltese Shitzu are usually prone to liver shunts and hydrocephalus. They also commonly have problems with their eyes, and the average lifespan of this breed is 13-14 years.


    Maltese Shitzu puppies cost upward of $300, and this breed has become quite famous in the recent years. This breed is of the ideal size that can be easily kept in the house, but you need to provide training to ensure that it is well-behaved. This breed is usually a good choice for families who want to have a small dog with an outgoing and happy personality. Maltese Shitzu is an ideal companion for old people, and they are equally happy to romp with young kids. These dogs need regular walks, but they can keep themselves active if left in the backyard.


    The breed also needs regular grooming; else their coat gets tangles and becomes matted. To reduce the maintenance, you can get the dog clipped or shaved every three months. If owners donít have the time to groom, it is best to clip the dogs, and it usually costs about $35.


    Maltese Shitzus are as popular as the purebreds, and are also known as the Malshi. This breed takes the temperament of both Maltese and Shih Tzus, and makes good friends with other breeds. They are playful, and are gentle with people around them. Maltese Shitzu is a clever and stubborn breed with lot of character, and some are difficult to housebreak. They do no bark excessively, but make a good watchdog.


    Maltese Shitzus are loved by everyone due to their friendly nature, and this breed is best at making friends. They behave like young children, and have sunny dispositions. They thrive on praise and affection. If they are left all by themselves for longer times, they can become very grouchy and destructive. Maltese Shitzus love company.


    Maltese Shitzus are of miniature size, but are quite tough and are one of the toughest among toy breeds. In China, people call them little lions due to their personality and looks. If not treated with respect and dignity, this breed can be extremely stubborn. One needs to deal with them with patience, and strict behavior or force does not lead anywhere.


    Maltese Shitzu likes everything of good quality including food, sleeping place, surroundings and other accessories. They like to be treated royally, and will respond only if they get what they want. Their attitude makes them extremely lovable, and most Maltese Shitzus tend to become obese, as people love to indulge them.


    It is however important to note that Maltese Shitzus are not compatible with very small babies, as they do not tolerate anyone else getting all the attention. If this breed is not given the limelight, they tend to get very excitable, irritated and snappy. They also do not like to be manhandled, the way babies play, and can snap at them.


    If you plan to buy a Maltese Shitzu, it is recommended to obtain it from the responsible breeder. Do not trust the photo when going to buy the puppy. This breed has long hair; constant grooming is a must and it is also important to keep their face dry and clean so that the problem of staining can be minimized.


    This breed has hair, not fur. Long straight hair hangs almost to the ground if it remains unclipped for long. Maltese shitzus are normally white, but there may be tan markings or slight lemon touches on the ears. Their body is sturdy and compact, the chest is deep, the shoulder blades are sloping, and the loins are strong. They are considered hypoallergenic dogs, and many people who are allergic to other dogs may not be allergic to this breed. This charming breed easily gets attached to all the family members, and enjoys the company of visitors.


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