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  •    Home » Articles » DogFood » Merrick Dog Food For Your Shih Tzu Puppy

    Merrick Dog Food For Your Shih Tzu Puppy


    Bring a puppy home can very exciting for the whole family. Children are especially thrilled to have a puppy in the house and would to spend so much type fussing over the puppy. If your kids love to spend a lot of time with your new puppy, you might as well teach them to take care of the puppy and to feed it. To make sure that your little puppy gets the right type of food, take your kids along and pick up some merrick dog food from the supermarket.

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    The good thing about taking your kids along to pick of some merrick dog food from the super market is that they will have some idea how to choose the right type of food for the puppy. Besides, taking your kids along to pick up some merrick dog food will give the puppy sometime to rest and get some sleep. Always remember that the puppy is just a baby and it can tire easily especially if a bunch of very energetic kids play with it constantly.

    Teaching Your Kids To Feed And Take Care Of The Puppy

    Once you have the merrick dog food, you need to instruct your kids how and when to feed the puppy. If your kids still cannot read the feeding guidelines that are usually written on the package of the merrick dog food, you will need to carefully instruct them what to do. First, you need to get something that your kids can use to measure the food. A small measuring cup will greatly help your kids determine how much food to give to the puppy. Give them the measuring cup and let them use it to measure the food that they put into the puppy’s food dish. Caution your kids about feeding the puppy too much merrick dog food because this could make the puppy sick. Besides, a overfeed puppy will most likely to defecate more often which will make it difficult for your to supervise the puppy when it potties.

    If you have three kids in the house, make sure that they take turns feeding, grooming and taking the puppy for walks. You can ask your kids to agree among themselves who should feed the puppy in the morning and in the evening. Asking your kids to decide among themselves who will give food to the puppy will help them learn the value of teamwork and cooperation.


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