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    Shih Tzu Cesar Dog Food A Top Choice


    Cesar dog food is a well known brand that is aimed at small dogs. The marketing schemes are Cesar are designed to entice those who wish to give their dog the best possible diet as they proclaim to be premium and gourmet dog food. Cesar dog food is unusual in the types of meals and ingredients it uses for dogs as some of the foods are exotic such as Mediterranean Chicken Casserole. Considering that most brands simply state the main ingredient such as rabbit, this can seem like the more extravagant option. Cesar dog food is more expensive than most other wet food options but many feel that it is worth that little extra. It is not unusual for pet owners to feed their dogs Cesar dog food as a treat.

    News Flash  Dec, 26 2009

    Dogs Offer Comfort To Witnesses In Court - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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    A 70-year-old Victorian woman saw her pet dog mauled to death by two dogs who followed her into her home. Read More


    The portions are small as they are specifically aimed at the smaller breeds of dog that require less amounts of food although still need high energy, which is taken into account. Smaller dogs are usually between five and ten kg and often cannot manage the larger cans on sale. Cesar dog food caters exclusively for small dogs but they also have products designed at puppies and elderly dogs. Their regular brands are intended for healthy adult dogs.

    Recipes from Cesar Dog Food Range

    Cesar dog food products are sold in both pouches and trays; the trays can be one of two sizes and it is possible to purchase multi-packs for extra value. The general theme from the Cesar dog food range is that of good quality dog food for smaller dogs. They have a tasty recipe menu with meals that sound like human quality selections such as Italian Beef Stew and Game & Fine Vegetable Stew. These recipes entice dog owners to buy Cesar food to give their dogs the closest thing to real food as possible. Amongst the range of pouches available are the choice recipes selection which have food cooked in jelly and the favorite recipes selections which have even more extravagant meal plans.

    The pouch collection designed at elderly small dogs who are at least eight years of age provide all of the vitamins and minerals needed by a dog of this age. Older dogs need even more antioxidants than younger dogs as well as less fat and sugar. This is considered by Cesar who produce dog food for older dogs that maintains their health and vitality. The same theory is applied to their puppy food options as puppies have special requirements to their diet not suitable for dogs of an older age.


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