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    Dog Collars You Can Use For Your Shih Tzu


    For the sake of safety and convenience, people generally put dog collars on their canine pets. Safety, in case they get lost most everyone will look at the collar for a dog tag and convenience when attaching a leash or hooking the animal up to a stationary post. Dog collars are also a great place to insert radio frequency identification chips as opposed to under a dog’s skin.

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    Typically, when someone first gets a puppy, they will use a slip collar for taking it for walks but as it grows, the slip collar may be something the dog learns to remove and people will switch to traditional belt-style dog collars. Slip collars, also called choke collars, get tighter as the animal pulls or applies resistance and can sometimes cause damage to the dog’s throat or neck.

    The insertion of a radio frequency identification device is becoming more common and this chip allows most veterinarian offices to extract information about the dog, including the owner’s name, address and phone number to help get the dog back to its rightful owner. Having it in dog collars may be better than under the skin, but if you replace the collar, the chip also has to be replaced.

    Small Enough To Stay, Big Enough For Comfort

    When buying dog collars for your pets, you should consider the animal’s comfort and think how you would feel constantly wearing a belt around your neck. Many animals are not happy with dog collars at first and use their paws hoping to remove the distraction. Your collar needs to be of a size that fits snug to prevent the dog from pushing it over its head and yet larges enough to provide adequate comfort.

    If you are buying one of the belt-style dog collars, it should have more than one hole for the locking bar to slip into. These type dog collars are best as they allow for it to be adjusted to provide proper fit. This type is also available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit every dog as well as the owner’s need for colors.

    Chances are if you ask your dog to choose dog collars they will probably pick one that is not there. They probably do not care about the color or the width as much as having it on and not knowing it is there. Once they get used to wearing dog collars they may have a preference, but that is doubtful.


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